>>> So we could provide "isabelle opam" as wrapper for something like "opam
>>> --root $ISABELLE_OPAM_HOME/$ISABELLE_PLATFORM64" as well as "isabelle
>>> opam_init" for the specific compiler version setup. Our component wiring
>>> would also provide ISABELLE_OCAML and ISABELLE_OCAMLC settings for the
>>> result.
>> Do you intend to provide such a component for the 2018 release?
> I was asking myself the same question yesterday: anything added at this
> stage needs to have some significance.

How significant is Isabelle as an integrative platform for OCaml?  The
code generator checks have been intended as a mere device to ensure that
nothing falls into disrepair (with all consequences regarding
infrastructure maintenance), but not as a development tool by itself.

So I would like to focus:
* What (upcoming) maintenance challenges are we facing?
* Are there particular applications out there which suggest more
integration with ocaml?
* …



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