I am right now writing an expanded letter that is appropriate to your response. 
 I just wanted to state that I am extremely interested and willing to help in 
your endeavor.   
I was wondering if Isabelle HOL has ever been utilized to verify and validate 
theorems pertaining to fractional calculus or stochastic petri networks for 
Quantum Biology applications ??? 


David Blubaugh

  On Thursday, July 26, 2018, 6:37:30 AM EDT, José Manuel Rodriguez Caballero 
<> wrote:  
 Dear David Blubaugh,  It is interesting that, some days ago, I had a similar 
idea with respect to Kickstarter and Isabelle, but by motivation comes from 
medicine. My project was to write a paper and some thy files in order to decide 
if a given sample of adenosine triphosphate is generated by respiration (a 
normal cell) or by fermentation (a cancer cell). The thy files will be the 
reward for people donating 1000 Canadian dollars. There are several 
mathematical ways to study the structure of a molecule: moduli spaces, knots, 
fractals, etc. 
 Even if this project may not attend his funding, it will be interesting at 
least as a social experiment. I hope that it will popularize a little bit Otto 
Warburg's theory about the origin of cancer cells, which is controversial, but 
it has not been refuted yet.
You could read my projet here:
Sincerely yours,Jose M.

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To All,??

I am currently a developer and user of Isabelle HOL technologies and I am 
currently in the process of developing a Kickstarter campaign based on the use 
of Isabelle HOL being used in the creation of a specific software application 
for use within mobile devices.??

Would anyone be interested in knowing more on this potential Kickstarter 
campaign ?????

David Blubaugh
Isabelle HOL user since 2008.? ?

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