Oracle has released Java 11 last week: it is the new long-term-support
(LTS) version for the next 3 years. Public support for Java 8 will stop
in Jan-2019.

As of Isabelle/9dabb405a3ba we are on that version by default. Due to
changes in the licensing and packaging, we are on the official OpenJDK
version provided by Oracle, see which also
provides release notes etc.

If there is a serious problem, it is still possible to switch back to
Java 8 in $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/settings like this:

  init_component "$HOME/.isabelle/contrib/jdk-8u181"

Here are some pending problems:

  * Apple Desktop integration does not work:

    This also means that COMMAND-Q switches the light off with a hammer:
unsaved buffers are not stored.

  * WARNING: Illegal reflective access by isabelle.Main$
(file:/home/makarius/isabelle/repos/lib/classes/Pure.jar) to field

    This was my own unofficial way to implement putenv until Java 8. It
still happens to work, but I need to find a proper way.

So many things have changed with Java 9/10/11, and more problems are to
be expected. Please report any observations in the isabelle-dev mailing

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