*** System ***

* Session directory $ISABELLE_HOME/src/Tools/Haskell provides some
source modules for Isabelle tools implemented in Haskell, notably for

This refers e.g. to current Isabelle/438e1a11445f.

There is more and more material emerging: as direct ports from
Isabelle/ML using the our canonical naming conventions and functional
programming style.

I writing these sources with VSCode and the extension "Haskell Language
Server" 0.0.24, see also https://github.com/haskell/haskell-ide-engine

After several days of tinkering it now works fairly well for me, even
with friendly hints via hlint. Unfortunately I failed to reproduce the
installation on my mobile machine. This reminds a bit of ancient times
with vi and emacs, before Isabelle/PIDE/jEdit.

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