> On 09.11.2018, at 22:34, Makarius <makar...@sketis.net> wrote:
> On 09/11/2018 00:08, gerwin.kl...@data61.csiro.au wrote:
>> We probably still have a few occurrences of these, but no problem
>> phasing them out.
> In principle it is just a matter of applying "isabelle update_cartouches
> -t", but it might require some coordination, especially on AFP.
> E.g. one could set a date for the "big sweep" and make one big
> changeset, or one could gradually update entries in an erratic manner.
> You can probably say better if there are problems to be expected between
> the "stable" and "devel" versions of AFP.

I don’t expect too much trouble from this one. It might make sense to try out 
how the conversion goes a few entries first, and then, if that is satisfactory, 
do a big change set for the rest. 

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