On 1/22/2019 2:28 PM, Makarius wrote:
On 22/01/2019 20:05, Fabian Immler wrote:
These numbers look quite extreme:
The slowdown in polyml-5.7.1-8 is about a factor of 2-3 (and not 30 as
it seems to be the case with polyml-test-0a6ebca445fc).

The following is isabelle/ab5a8a2519b0 afp/f49f0b0ead38 on lxcisa0:

ML_OPTIONS="--minheap 2000 --maxheap 4000"
Finished HOL-ODE-Numerics (0:25:27 elapsed time, 1:07:49 cpu time,
factor 2.66)
Finished HOL-ODE-ARCH-COMP (0:18:01 elapsed time, 0:26:19 cpu time,
factor 1.46)

Can you point to some smaller parts of these sessions, where the effect
is visible? We can then use profiling to get an idea what actually
happens in x86_64_32.
It should be the by (tactic ...) invocations, which ultimately run generated code as an oracle (the one defined via @{computation_check} here: https://bitbucket.org/isa-afp/afp-devel/src/5d11846ac6abdad9c9dfee108d2772ac71c6179c/thys/Ordinary_Differential_Equations/Numerics/Example_Utilities.thy#lines-2449)

The term that is being evaluated should be printed when declaring
(But it takes a lot of time to get there...)

I would have assumed that it is the heavy use of int computations that makes the difference, and it should be precisely the kind that is tested in the attached Float_Test.thy.

On my Windows-Laptop and on lxcisa0, however, I see the expected slowdown of about a factor of 2, but not more...

Could the issue be related to specific machines?
(I am testing HOL-ODE-ARCH-COMP with polyml-test-0a6ebca445fc/x86_64_32-linux right now, but that does take some time...)


theory Float_Test

definition "logistic p r x =
  normfloat (float_round_down p (float_round_down p (r * x)) * (float_plus_down 
p 1 (-x)))"

primrec iter where
  "iter p r x 0 = x"
| "iter p r x (Suc n) = iter p r (logistic p r x) n"

definition "logistic_chaos i = iter 30 (Float 15 (-4)) (Float 1 (-1)) 
(nat_of_integer i)"

ML \<open>val logistic_chaos = @{code logistic_chaos}\<close>
ML \<open>logistic_chaos 1000000\<close>


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