Hi all,

I plan to go some steps to use zarith for integer arithmetic for code
generated in OCaml, and at the moment I am surrounded by tapestry.

As of, 331ef175a112, I issue the following steps:

$ isabelle ocaml_setup

        --> fine

$ isabelle ocaml_opam install zarith

        --> fine

$ echo 'let foo = 42;;' | isabelle env bash -c '"${ISABELLE_OCAML}"'

        --> fine

Then I have no clue how to include the installed zarith properly.
https://opam.ocaml.org/doc/FAQ.html mentions subcommands »exec« and
»env« for opam, which the installed version available through »isabelle
ocaml_opam« does not provide.

A manual plumbing attempt fails either

$ echo 'let foo = Z.one;;' | isabelle env bash -c '"${ISABELLE_OCAML}"

        --> »Error: Unbound module Z«

Has anybody advice how to go from here?

Thanks a lot,

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