On 05.02.19 13:18, Salomon Sickert wrote:

It should be easy to make this part of the formal session, with some
options [condition = ISABELLE_MLTON].

The 'export_code' command will have to emit generated files
(Generated_Files.add_files) to make the assembly work in Isabelle/ML.

I have already added support for executable exports in
Isabelle/c175499a7537 -- a few more such fine-tunings might be required.

Could someone point me to an example on how to do compilation with either mlton 
or polyml within a formal session?
The build scripts in these two entries are copying the style of the CAVA entry 
at that time and I’m not sure about the current best practices here.

A partial example with generated files is src/Tools/Haskell/Test.thy (e.g. in Isabelle/2c3e5e58d93f): the generated Haskell sources are used for a test build, but its result is thrown away instead of exporting it.

I have some ideas in the pipeline to make the 'export_files' specifications in session ROOT entries more robust (no export by default) and more useful (collective export on something like "isabelle build -e").

We also need to wait for Florian Haftmann to provide the Generated_Files.add_files facility to 'export_code' -- in parallel to its existing Export.export. The main difference that this will be an update on the theory.

(Note that I am presently busy elsewhere and only sporadically connected.)

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