Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Who is really running Malaysia anyway?

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a man of contradictions of sorts. For
example, he stands firmly behind certain principles, but, at the same
time, he believes in the principle of the ends justify the means. That
in itself would be regarded as unprincipled by certain quarters. To
Mahathir, however, that is a principle and a principle he holds dear.
The legendary Robin Hood too had principles if you want to go by that
'philosophy'. He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Robbing
would be an unprincipled act to most. But, to Robin Hood, the
principle of robbing would only be unprincipled if one robs from the
poor, or robs from the rich and keeps the loot all to oneself. But
robbing from the rich to help the poor is not wrong if the objective
is to help the poor. And keeping a small 'service fee' in the process
to pay for the overheads of running your operation is also allowed --
or else how would you be able to continue helping the poor? Yes, the
ends justify the means. And that is why Robin Hood is the 'goodie',
the hero of the story, and not the villain.

I remember the first public function I attended soon after Mahathir
became Prime Minister where he was not only the guest of honour but
the host as well. In fact, it was he who invited us to dinner at the
Equatorial Hotel and the purpose was to impart his philosophy to
members of the Malay and Chinese Chambers of Commerce. Basically, it
was a 'to get rich is glorious' speech and Mahathir made this speech
even before China's Premier did. And Mahathir also spoke about how it
is not important whether it is a white cat or a black cat as long as
it can catch a mouse. Later, China's Premier too said the same thing.
Of course, Mahathir did not put it exactly the way China's Premier did
but the implication of what he said was the same.

Mahathir is and always was against the New Economic Policy (NEP). But
he realised that the Malays are so dependent on this 'crutch' that if
you were to abolish it they would go into a panic and revolt. Like it
or not, Umno's fortunes depend on the perception that this party is
the saviour of the Malays and the defender of Malay 'rights', which is
an absolute fallacy of course and Mahathir knew that. In that sense
Mahathir was ashamed of the Malays and he wanted to change their
mindset. He wanted to drag the Malays screaming and kicking into the
'real world', the world where the strong survive and the weak die. But
he discovered, to his horror, that the Malays enjoy being weak so that
they can continue getting government 'protection'. They do not want to
be strong. If they were then the government need no longer continue
protecting them and the NEP can be abolished.

Mahathir knew that the Malays were not ready for shock treatment. They
needed to be slowly weaned away from the NEP. You cannot suddenly
abolish the NEP and declare that Malaysia is now a free-for-all
society and may the strongest survive and the weak die. That would be
the end of Umno and Barisan Nasional. MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the 10
other Barisan Nasional component members do not want this as well. The
non-Malay and non-Umno candidates in Barisan Nasional also depend on
Malay votes to retain power. The death of Umno would mean the death of
Barisan Nasional and the end of non-Malay political power as well. The
thing closest to the hearts of the Malays is their 'rights'. Next is
their religion (yes, in that order). If Umno and Barisan Nasional no
longer guarantee the Malays their 'rights' then they might as well
turn to religion. If Umno goes out the door, then PAS would benefit.
The Malays would turn to PAS in the absence of Umno.

So what can replace the NEP? This Mahathir spelt out clearly to the
gathering of Malay and Chinese Chambers of Commerce members at the
Equatorial Hotel dinner. The Chinese can get rich. Maybe even some
Malays can become tycoons as well, just like their Chinese
counterparts. But these rich Chinese and Malays must in turn help the
struggling small-time Malay businessmen. This is the umbrella concept.
The government will provide the umbrellas for these big players in the
corporate world. And these big players would then assist the others.
The small-time businessmen can seek shelter under these umbrellas of
the tycoons.

Mahathir then started identifying all those tycoons and potential
tycoons who have either already made it big on their own or have
proven that they possess the business acumen to make it big with a
little help from the government. Basically, Mahathir went hunting for
millionaires and those who have shown their acumen managing government
corporations. These millionaires would be turned into billionaires.
But this comes with a price. They would have to repay this government
help by spawning other businessmen. They would be the trustees of the
umbrella. But they must give birth to thousands of other small-time

There was one flaw to this marvellous plan though. And that flaw is
human nature, basically greed. While they got rich with government
help, they reneged on their promise to help others in return. The rich
got richer but the poor did not share these riches. Many umbrellas
were created, but the umbrella concept did not materialise as planned.
Not many were prepared to redistribute their wealth to others. And
Malaysia Inc. failed to meet its objective. This was Mahathir's
greatest regret.

In 1990, at the end of the NEP, Mahathir tried to get it officially
declared ended. But there was strong resistance from the Malay
grassroots. They did not want it ended. They wanted it to continue
indefinitely. Mahathir was flabbergasted. He knew that the Malays
could not continue depending on the NEP. For one, it is unfair to the
non-Malays who had agreed to the NEP soon after the 13 May 1969 race
riots because it had been promised it would go on for only 20 years.
Secondly, if the Malays continue depending on the NEP, then there
would never come a time when the Malays would be able to stand on
their own two feet. And there would certainly come a time when the
Malays would need to compete once the trade borders are torn down.

Today, those who became rich under Mahathir's grand design of the
umbrella concept or Malaysia Inc. are still rich. But the poor have
not shared this newly-created wealth. And Mahathir has to now live
with the allegation that he created and nurtured cronies. Sure, he
created and nurtured cronies. But he did so for a purpose. The ends
justify the means. But he did not see the ends bearing fruit. And that
is because he overlooked one basic characteristic of human nature,
greed, and the reluctance of those who got rich with government help
to share their wealth.

That, Mahathir has to live with and accept as his failure. His
intentions may have been noble, but is not the road to Hell paved with
noble intentions? And maybe the ends should never justify the means as
Mahathir's experiment in social re-engineering has proven.

Anyway, on Friday, 28 July 2006, Mahathir will be speaking to a crowd
of Umno members in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Much has happened since he
last spoke at the Kelab Century Paradise in Taman Melawati on 24 June.
It would be most interesting to hear what he has got to say this time
around. Since 24 June, Ani Arope has raised the issue of how the IPPs
were badly handled. Malaysia Today has addressed this issue in two
previous episodes of The Corridors of Power. Then there is Anwar
Ibrahim's allegation that Mahathir lost RM30 billion of our money on
the Forex fiasco. I believe this too needs clarification. But we shall
not put words into Mahathir's mouth as that is a most impossible thing
to do when dealing with the Grand Old Man. We shall allow him to do
the explaining himself.

One thing that Malaysia Today would like to raise is the matter of
Terengganu's oil royalty which we hope Mahathir will address on 28
July. Since the mid-1970s, Terengganu had been enjoying a 5% royalty
on all the oil and gas extracted in the state. That is what is
provided for under the Petroleum Development Act. In fact, not only
Terengganu, but any state in Malaysia where oil and gas is extracted
they would enjoy the same. However, in 2000, this royalty was
withdrawn and converted to Wang Ehsan (goodwill money). Suddenly, the
RM800 million or so a year that Terengganu was supposed to get as its
5% share of the oil and gas revenue was transferred out of the state
and into the hands of one man, Idris Jusoh.

Malaysia was then already suffering from an outbreak of JE. But in
Terengganu it was JE of another kind, Jusoh Enterprise, Idris Jusoh's
family business. Jusoh Enterprise or JE was suddenly flush with funds,
RM800 million a year to be exact. Then, in 2004, Umno, under the
stewardship of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, won back the state from the
opposition. But the state did not win back its 5% oil royalty. The
Wang Ehsan continued and Idris Jusoh, who now became the Chief
Minister, continued to single-handedly manage the fund. Even the State
Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) and the Terengganu State
Economic Planning Unit (UPENT) were left totally in the dark. One man,
Idris Jusoh, decided how the money was spent, and it is a lot of

But the new Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, would not tolerate
one man managing the state's coffers. He wanted Idris Jusoh's hands
out of the RM800 million a year cash box. However, to revert to the 5%
royalty only meant that the money would come directly under state
control. That would not serve their purpose. They wanted direct
control of the RM800 million. Now it was under the control of the
Prime Minister's Department but passed down to Idris Jusoh's hands.
What they needed to do was to get Idris Jusoh's hands out of the

Then Khairy Jamaluddin, Abdullah's son-in-law cum adviser, came out
with a fantastic new 'umbrella concept', better than even Mahathir's.
They wanted control of the RM800 million a year. But they did not want
to get it out of Idris Jusoh's hands by putting it into the hands of
the state. That would merely be a case of out of the frying pan, into
the fire. They wanted direct control of the money without Idris Jusoh
deciding on how the money is spent.

And this is how they did it.

First they appointed Wan Farid, Khairy's 'running dog', as Abdullah's
Political Secretary. Then they appointed Wan Hisham, Wan Farid's
brother, as the State Exco Member in-charge of tourism. Then they gave
Patrick Lim, Khairy's business partner, the sole monopoly of all state
tourism projects. Now the network is intact and Idris Jusoh has been
cut off.

Patrick Lim's job is to create all sorts of state tourism projects at
hugely inflated prices. He would then propose these projects to Wan
Hisham, the man in-charge of tourism. Wan Hisham would then pass them
on to his brother, Wan Farid. Wan Farid would then pass them on to
Khairy. Idris Jusoh would of course be left out of the loop and he
would only know about them when it was a fait accompli -- as the
Malays would say, "Nasi sudah jadi bubur."

They built 30 houses at RM1 million each on an island in the
Terengganu River. They launched a RM300 million a year yacht race
called the Monsoon Cup. Hundreds of millions a year is being spent to
'attract tourists to Terengganu'. It seems this year the amount of
Wang Ehsan has shot up from RM800 million to RM1 billion -- so there
is even more money to play around with.

To ensure that Idris Jusoh keeps his hands out of the cash box,
Abdullah himself chairs the state meetings though he is the Prime
Minister and not the Terengganu Chief Minister. Of course, Idris
Jusoh, being the Chief Minister, is allowed to sit in on these
meetings though he has no say on what they propose. Patrick Lim,
though he is not in the government, is also allowed to attend these

Abdullah would then propose all sorts of tourism projects conjured by
Wan Hisham, Wan Farid and Khairy. Details are of course not discussed;
only the gist of things and the amounts involved. Whenever Idris Jusoh
raises any questions, he would be told to 'leave it all to Patrick Lim
who knows what to do'. Idris Jusoh is not to involve himself in the

After awhile Idris Jusoh got quite pissed and tried to resist. One
project that he knew nothing about was placed before him and he was
told by Patrick Lim to sign the papers. But how could he sign the
papers when he knew nothing about it and would eventually have to bear
responsibility for it?

Patrick Lim walked out of Idris Jusoh's office and phoned Wan Farid
who complained to Khairy. Within an hour Idris Jusoh received a phone
call from Abdullah who ordered him to sign the papers, which he of
course did straight away.

Patrick Lim's hold on Abdullah was apparent to all but somehow not to
Idris Jusoh. One day Abdullah visited Terengganu to chair the regular
meetings on how to spend Terengganu's RM800 million (which is now RM1
billion because of the increase in oil prices). Idris Jusoh fetched
Abdullah from the airport but before his car could move Patrick Lim's
car cut in front of Idris Jusoh's car and Abdullah got out of Idris
Jusoh's car and got into Patrick Lim's car. Idris Jusoh should have
realised then who really runs Terengganu.

Yes, RM1 billion a year is a lot of money. This money, which should
belong to Terengganu, is not going to the state. It is going to Wan
Hisham, Wan Farid, Patrick Lim and Khairy. And Abdullah chairs the
state meetings to decide how the money is spent. And Wan Hisham, Wan
Farid, Patrick Lim and Khairy help spend the money. And they spend it
all. And Idris Jusoh has no say in how it is spent. And if he refuses
to sign the papers he will get a phone call from Abdullah.

Now do you know who runs this country? Abdullah says he and not his
son-in-law runs this country. Idris Jusoh however will tell you that
Khairy runs this country. And Khairy also runs Terengganu and manages
its RM1 billion a year through Wan Hisham, Wan Farid and Patrick Lim.
And Abdullah chairs the Terengganu State meetings on behalf of Khairy
and according to the plan on how Patrick Lim wishes to spend the RM1
billion a year.

And now do you know why Mahathir is so pissed? And he has every reason
to be pissed. In fact, I too am pissed. And that is why I agree that
Mahathir stays pissed with Abdullah and his son-in-law. The Terengganu
issue alone is enough for me to get pissed. And rest assured that
Terengganu is but the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, it is nice being able to walk in the corridors of power. And much
can you do when you walk in the corridors of power. And RM1 billion a
year is nice to manage if you have that power to do so. And when you
walk in the corridors of power you would of course have that power.

Perdana Menteri tinjau Pulau Duyong sebelum Piala Monsun

Utusan Online - 25 Julai 2006

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi akan meninjau persiapan untuk
penganjuran kejohanan kapal layar dunia, Piala Monsun di Pulau Duyong
di sini, sempena lawatan dua harinya ke Terengganu mulai 31 Julai ini.

Setiausaha Badan Perhubungan UMNO Terengganu, Datuk Rosol Wahid
berkata, Perdana Menteri memberi perhatian besar kepada pulau itu dan
mahu memastikan penganjuran kejohanan itu pada tahun ini lebih meriah
dan hebat.

Selain meninjau projek berkaitan kejohanan itu, kata beliau, Abdullah
akan turut menyerahkan kunci kepada sebahagian bakal pemilik projek
Rumah Mampu Milik yang dibina oleh kerajaan di pulau tersebut.

''Projek rumah itu dan satu lagi projek jeti baru nelayan dijangka
dapat disiapkan apabila Perdana Menteri tiba di pulau itu," katanya
ketika dihubungi di sini, hari ini.

Menurut Rosol, Perdana Menteri pada hari pertama lawatannya akan turut
menghadap Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin di Istana Badariah dan pada pukul
3 petang akan merasmikan majlis pecah tanah projek pembinaan
Universiti Darul Iman di Dendong, Besut.

Pada pukul 8.30 malam pula, Abdullah akan menghadiri majlis jamuan
bersama rakyat di Kampung Rhu 10, Penarik, Setiu.

Pada hari kedua lawatannya, kata Rosol, Perdana Menteri masih
mempunyai atur cara padat termasuk pada sebelah pagi mendengar
taklimat pembangunan aplikasi sistem tanah di Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah
Kuala Terengganu.

Abdullah kemudiannya akan melawat Pusat Pengumpulan dan Pemproses Nira
Nipah di Kelulut, Marang.

''Dari Marang, Perdana Menteri akan berehat sebentar di calet Pulau
Duyong sebelum melakukan tinjauan di projek pembinaan Taman Tamadun
Islam di Pulau Wan Man.

''Di pulau itu, Perdana Menteri akan turut menyaksikan beberapa majlis
menandatangani MoU termasuk perjanjian tempahan pembinaan perahu
tradisional," kata Rosol.

Pada sebelah malam sebelum berlepas pulang ke Kuala Lumpur kira-kira
pukul 10.30 malam, Abdullah dijadualkan mengadakan perjumpaan dengan
para pemimpin UMNO dan Barisan Nasional (BN) di Kediaman Seri Iman di

Menurut Rosol, pihaknya percaya Perdana Menteri mengambil kesempatan
dari lawatan dua harinya itu untuk melihat sendiri perkembangan
terbaru projek- projek mega yang sedang dan akan dilaksanakan di

Kata beliau, antara projek mega untuk Terengganu yang sebelum ini
diumumkan sendiri oleh Abdullah adalah projek UDM, Taman Ilmu, Taman
Tamadun Islam dan pembangunan semula Pulau Duyong - yang setiap satu
projek membabitkan kos bernilai ratusan juta ringgit.

posted 1:27 PM

UrbanMalay said...
Negeri kaye..rakyat miskin..
negeri kaye.. rakyat miskin Ganu Kite..

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 1:40:17 PM
aluntaalbiul said...

Malaysian are wise and matured. They know what is wrong and what is
right. The goverment should realised that the decider of the
'elections' always falls on the 'fence sitter'. Face it, even UMNO
with 3 million memberships, not all are pure umno or support umno.
Bear in mind, out of the 3 millions, how many are 'fence sitter' same
to MCA, MIC and gerakan and even PKR. These people nowdays have become
more wisely and more educated, in other words have 'brains'. Nowdays
the fence sitter does not rely on the mainstream newspaper for
infomation, they too read the internet media and the opposition web
sites plus your 'Malaysia Today'. Depending on the AAB team, DSAI and
Mahathir, who will capture the votes. Look this way, if the fence
sitter support Mahathir and umno doesn't do anyting like what AAB
said' righting the wrong' infact we are aware that they are 'wronging
the right thing', then in the next General election, BN will still win
but they will be supprised on the number of seats they will loose. For
Mahathir, he has been the premier for 22 years and evey move he made
he has a reason for it. He would not bark at a tree for no valid
reason and as what he always say, at 80+, he dont gain anything.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 2:06:17 PM
le-khair said...
na na na na na na
gganu kiterrrrr

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 2:29:38 PM
IkanBilis said...
Dear aluntaalbiul,

With the execption of Kelantan, the so called "wise" Malaysian should
generally be applied to the Urban Malaysian. Look at Sarawak's State
Election, that might give us some hint? The rural people are generally
the not well informed lot. Unfortunately this is the area where UMNO
has the stronghold.

UMNO has generally rotten to the core but when will the people wake-up?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 2:32:59 PM
teetwoh said...
I was part of the corporate entity KJ is now part of. I had only 2
very brief exchanges with him when I was there. They were however,
enough to tell me this guy is only a worse version of previous corrupt
politicians. All the education and finesse only meant he could strip
the country's assets in a more refined way. I guess in a way he has
been a disappointment in that sense. All we see is the continuing
corruption. I'm glad I left that corporate entity. Less so that I even
left the country. Both decisions were made after encountering this
monstrosity (or monster) that is now ruling and ruining the country.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 2:54:18 PM
Bustaman said...
I wonder if the lighted slogan on the side of Bukit Besar is still
there. It would be a fitting response to this article. The sign said:
"Allah Selamatkan Terengganu"

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 3:15:31 PM
Business as usual.

Mahathir did it in Langkawi, so Badawi is doing it in Terengganu.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 3:15:34 PM
benjyz said...
UMNO has generally rotten to the core but when will the people wake-up?

no no , not umno. its the ahli,fake ahli like kj and the Wans.

definitly not umno the party.

same goes with Islam, not the religious, but the fake penganut.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 3:16:52 PM
benjyz said...
UMNO has generally rotten to the core but when will the people wake-up?

no no , not umno. its the ahli,fake ahli like kj and the Wans.

definitly not umno the party.

same goes with Islam, not the religious, but the fake penganut.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 3:18:02 PM
Jebat59 said...
Terengganu oh terengganu... what a shame! I thought you ppl want to be
like Kelantanese, who use their heads better... Unfortunately its a
short-lived PAS, who also performed almost half-past-6 too..
Well, only Kelantanese ppl are brave & clever ppl, others seem to
forget their leaders' cruelty when going for voting.. they all
remember it only after the election, always too late. This repeat
itself every 4 or 5 years, except Kelantan. When are ppl or rakyat
going to be truthful to their struggle & keADILan? When?
As long as the rakyat are still voting these criminals and corrupt
leaders to power, nothing will change...FOREVER! Dont point our
fingers to these corrupt leaders when it is indeed ourselves, the
rakyat who are to be grossly blamed!
Frankly, Mahathir may be better than Pak Lah in terms of leadership
quality, but truthfully both are the same, same corrupt leaders, very
selfish, still unrepentant even at 80+, and are fully responsible to
mercilessly & cruelly put our innocent friends behind bars under the
disguise of ISA, the notorious ISA!!!
Until & unless both Mahathir & Pak Lah turn to Allah & the Truth, they
shall remain the same corrupt leaders/ex-leaders whom people will
never respect & shall certainly seek true judgement in the Day of
Judgement later!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 3:44:11 PM
heziqi said...
kalau benarlah cerita rpk di atas,

pak lah oh pak lah....dah hilang ke perasaan, rasa berdosa...? mana
perginya pegangan agama pak lah? mana? tak kan lah dengan kehadiran
seorang budak lulusan dari oxford dalam hidup pak lah, HILANG segala
pegangan & kepercayaan hidup pak lah selama ini? budak tu masih mentah
pak lah, sedarlah. mentah! jangan kata lah perbandingan dengan tun m,
kalau nak dibandingkan dengan pak lah sendiri pon, dia jauh lebih
mentah. pak lah kan banyak pengalaman hidup. fikir lah. mungkin dia
pandai jawab soalan peperiksaan, pandai buat thesis itu & ini, pandai
bercakap orang putih hingga semacam bukan orang melayu yg sedang
bercakap orang putih, tapi dia mentah. mentah sangat2. apa lah yang
dia tahu berkenaan urusan pentadbiran negara, memajukan negara,
memajukan orang melayu, politik umno, perjuangan umno....intipati
perjuangan orang melayu melalui umno....apa lah sangat yang dia tahu?
pak lah letakkan depan mata dia, 2 perkara; 1) kepentingan negara &
perjuangan umno... & 2) berbilion-bilion ringgit. pak lah rasa-rasa
lah, mana yang akan dipilih oleh seorang pemuda berumur 30 tahun? mana
yang akan dipilihnya pak lah?

tapi, apa pon, berdasarkan cerita di atas, terang2 pak lah sendiri pon
turut bersekongkol dengan budak mentah itu dalam mengaut

ya pak lah, dulu zaman tun m, pon perkara macam ni mungkin
berlaku...tapi tak kan lah pak lah yg budiman nak teruskan juga? tak
kan lah pak lah yg berpegang kuat pada ajaran islam nak buat macam tu
juga? apa dah jadi pak lah? pak lah lupa segalanya, lupa pada janji,
cuma dengan kehadiran seorang budak mentah macam tu dalam hidup pak
lah, pak lah lupa segala ajaran...jangan macam tu pak lah. ini dugaan
tuhan untuk pak lah. ini ujian, pak lah. tun m dulu tak pernah
berdegar2 berjanji pada seluruh negara, yg dia nak hapuskan rasuah.
dia takde janji macam tu....tapi pak lah ada....dah lupa?

saya tak pasti, ayat Quran atau pon hadis Nabi, yg kata, 'jangan kita
sangka kita sudah beriman, kecuali kita diuji...'. itulah pak lah,
ingat lah. ni semua ujian untuk pak lah, utk menguji sejauh mana
keimanan pak lah.

sebagai rakyat biasa, rakyat bawahan, saya sekadar cuba mengigatkan,
sebab pak lah pemimpin rasmi saya, perdana menteri negara saya. pak
lah ialah wali-al-amri saya, pemerintah, ketua. ingat lah pada ibu
bapa pak lah, pada isteri pak lah, anak2 pak lah, pada datuk pak
lah...semoga peringatan itu semua akan membawa keinsafan kepada pak
lah. amin.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006 3:51:50 PM
benjyz said...
our innocent friends behind bars under the disguise of ISA, the notorious ISA!!!

unknowingly innocent to you. just like their wives would hv tought.
they go home sleep with their wives , pray , thn disappear.
doing thoses stuff again.

kalai ISA zalim u would be in too and me as well, but why not us? b
coz we dont do anything wrongs.

IPCMC, who would like IPCMC? only those regular balai visitors, like a
mother whose sons is a motorbike theifs thru and thru and the mom of
vcd vendors and the likes.gangsters and all.

i ? who cares about IPCMC i dont hv brushes with policeman, i m a lw
abiding citizan.

a guy wont prepare a bom in his bedroom rite? so the wives wont know
and said the govy is zalim.

without the threat og ISA look at those IFC guys .

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 4:05:21 PM
Alexander the Great said...
for years malaysians have been lulled by lullabys sung by the
politicians in the ruling party.

for years malaysians were led by the nose.

after close to 50 years of independence, are we still keeping to our
old ways ? singing those sing-along songs drummed up by the government

if may 13 69 was a wake-up call of sort, are we waiting for another
wake-up call before coming to our senses ?

look at the present government - still singing the lullabys, taking
all of us for granted; that we are like we have been for many many
years before.

doesn't aab have any conscience ? it is common knowledge of how
rampant and arrogant the son-in-law and running mates are puppeteering
him, but aab is still in his deep slumber - and in a state of

will somebody give aab a jolt - to wake him up and make him come to
his senses ? or doesn't he have any senses at all ?

the country is now like a household where the head of the house has
fallen in love - head over heels - for a young sweetheart to the
extent that he neglects the welfare of the household. all he cares
about is his sweetheart. and whatever is said,done or asked by the
sweetheart is all okay, regardless whether it will bring disaster to
the household.

800 mil or 1 bil is definitely a lot money. but people nowdays have
actually lost sense of how much money 1 mil really is, let alone 1
bil. it is a lot ! to really fathom the mammoth quantum of 1 bil rgt,
it is like spending 1,000rgt every hour for 114 years WITHOUT sleep !
or 2,000rgt every hour for 57 years WITHOUT SLEEP ! or roughly
spending 10,000rgt EVERYDAY for 60 YEARS !

anyway, back to the oil money for terengganu, where did 300 mil really
go to for the monsoon cup ? how many participants were there ? 1000 ?
100 ? 50 ?

say 100, then on the average 3mil was spent on each participant. 3 mil
??? for what ? i dont think each of them even received 100k rgt !

so now, you can guess where the money really went to.

and this year, the money is going to be hiked to at least 500 mil !

will somebody stop this madness !

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 4:22:36 PM
razramus said...
We have reminded you a couple of of times that this spat between
mahathir-Dolah is a fight between an ex King robber and and an
upcoming King robber.

What Mahathir did is slowly unravelling itself. What Dolah is doing is
slowly nurturing itself.

Hold your money tight.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 4:35:48 PM
Ken said...
Ooooi Benjyz

I think your brain is fill with water or what?how do u come you this ...

IPCMC, who would like IPCMC?

i ? who cares about IPCMC i dont hv brushes with policeman, i m a lw
abiding citizan.

It's just show how stupid you are.
Following your way of thinking, those Suhakam and other NGO people all
are not law biding citizen. Gila betul.
Padam muka for you to stay in a third world country if all Malaysian
have your way of thinking.

I admit Policemen play a critical role on maintaining the social
security. But it's doesnt mean that, the can abuse their power like to
torture the people when they are lokap? for example, Anwar Ibrahim
blue eyes case, the malay girl nude squat case and many more police
discipline problems.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 4:42:45 PM
usalaknat said...
aku harap ada la mana2 pengarah filim bebas yang boleh kumpul bahan ni
dan kita mulakan projek filim..tajuk..'bapak mertuaku'

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 4:46:57 PM
ronaldo said...
this is the revelation we need, long live RPK, RPK for MP,at least we
got one real man with real guts,the people who ate cilis are saying
the media are more credible than blogs but the people who don't eat
cilis beg to differ, long live RPK, we shall overcome, all races must

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 5:41:41 PM
wildboy said...

YOU DA MAN. YOU DA MAN AFTER MY OWN HEART. Keep up the good work in
exposing the dirt. Bodohlah and his cock sucking son in law / cronies
has done a butch job in running Malaysia. Like the Devil, they know
their time is running out and they are out to get as much and as fast
mullahs possible. Tell you what, ECM Libra is cursed and anyone
associated with it will die a horrible death... like getting crushed
by falling equipment or slashed by rotor blades etc..... SOMEBODY'S
WATCHING YOU, KJ and you will suffer slowly but surely!!!!!!! By the
way KJ's command of English is attrocious, considering an Oxford
grad... or did he go there at all????

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 6:05:13 PM
LeeKahChng said...
dear rpk,

your site provides very good information.

the analysis is also pretty good.

but after sometime, things become stale.

it is always umno this or umno that...malays this or that...or the
babi pendatang(s) this or that... or islam this or that.

personally, i have no prblems with islam. like all religions it
preaches alot of virtues. and hey at one time the middle-east was a
haven for jewish refugees suffering from persecution in europe.

what is bad and wrong are those who interpret islam to suit their own agendas.

as for changes in this country, there won't be any, not for another 50
years, and not for another 200 years.

harping on the same issues everyday is boring.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 6:10:10 PM
Jewel thief said...
Lets use RPK's theme " the ends justifies the means."

At least Badawi is trying to develope Trengganu (which was largely
forgotten by Tun during his premiership) and we have those projects to
show for as where the money goes to.

Like Tun who picked Langkawi as a tourist destination, why cant our
present PM choose to develop Trengganu as the next world class tourist
destination? If and when tourists flock to Trengganu wouldn't the
revenue from tourism trickle back down to the people of Trengganu?

For donkey years, Trengganu has been receiving 800m yearly as royalty
and may I ask what development was ever done for Trengganu state in
the interest of Trengganu people by those crony (Tun's ) Menteri

Tun has shown us that the rakyat of Malaysia , in this case Trengganu
doesn't deserve further prosperity thru any form of developement
because they largely support the opposition party, Pas.

Badawi has shown me otherwise.

I repeat,the ends justifies the means.

By the way, your title "Who is running Malaysia anyway" should
actually replace Star's report of "I have outlined solution to Khalil
says Mahathir"

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 6:40:15 PM
Tarabulsi said...
I think it was in the western movie, "The Good, the Bad and The Ugly"
when Elli Wallach acting as Ugly said - "ONE BASTARD GOES OUT, ANOTHER

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 7:39:29 PM
Tarabulsi said...
As to who is running Malaysia...I will always contend that it is a KJ
driven government.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 7:49:52 PM
AbangCina said...
jewel thief,

Trengganu is an excellent choice by the stars.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 9:01:50 PM
Quantify said...
Well done RPK.

It is very rare to find a politician who is completely incorruptible.
So what is the solution? The ideal solution is that the bastards have
to be thrown out on a regular basis so that a new bunch of bastards
take over but do not have enough time to build the links to rape the

Also the new bastards will uncover the deeds of the old and be fearful
of their deeds being uncovered when the next lot comes in.

How do we change the system to promote the alternating of power?

The hurdles are really great in Malaysia.

First and foremost nothing can change when the rural constituencies
are so many times smaller than the urban ones. The government whether
it is constitutionally right or not dictates this.

Second by the blatant use of race, religion and money politics, UMNO
makes itself almost impossible to dislodge to the detriment of
Malaysia and its people.

So what is the answer?

A series of law suits against the blatant misuse of funds?

A mass movement to gather support for an opposition grouping however
bad they are?

Or do we do nothing and let the country slide to poverty and conflict?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 9:27:12 PM
shar101 said...

Another gem from you.

Vote independents in the next GE. I've mentioned this several times on
your blog.
Yes, it is not easy trying to put someone of your own constituents'
choice into parliament. Let's try to cut the link between greedy
politicians and the gravy train.

Perhaps, you may want to draft an 'Election manifesto for independent
candidates' and put it up as an article here for your readers to
comment. And there must be a strategy applied to make it a better
choice for the general public, rural and urban.

I'm sick of the political status quo, whether brought on from the
previous administration or tacitly re-nurtured by the current one.

It would be nice if MT and it's bloggers can put up a credible
proposal compared to what the government thinks mainstream media can

Another loose cannon's wet dream. Take the lead, RPK, please.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 11:08:07 PM
budakbusuk said...
lucky i never pay taxes..
PM waste tax payer money, went to St Vincent-Caribbean and go return nothing..i know laa i'm the only malaysian on that

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 11:09:06 PM
peesangmonyet said...
what a lot of nonsense about the 'failed' umbrella idea. if mahathir
was serious about redistributing wealth, why did the administration
then did not resort to taxing the fat cats? or creating policies that
forces the rich to support the poor? afterall, he was all powerful and
effective even - according to a lot of opinions out there. could it be
perhaps, his 'end' according to you, which was to balance the riches
was actually his 'mean' - that was to steal from the general public?
there are always two sides to an arguement and you are presenting a
poor one.

i wouldn't be so quick in dishing out praises for your 'clever'
exposures as i find that you have the tendency to lean a certain way.

you are no fence sitter and one should be wary of your motives.

like i said before, enough about highlighting the bickering. what is
your plan, stan?

Thursday, July 27, 2006 1:39:49 AM
piss_nik said...
interesrting, but nothing is ever new about the corrupt ways of the
umno ruling class. only the amounts keep escalating, proving yet again
their capacity for economic management and staying ahead (well-ahead,
i should say) of the inflation curve! contrast that with the pas
mullahs of kelantan who priced their favours in terms of retread tyres
and economy seats to the gulf!

Thursday, July 27, 2006 7:05:23 AM

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