For All You Java Junkies and Company Co-Dependents: Wake Up and Smell the 
  American Companies investing in settler relocation and Palestinian occupation 
would love Americans to believe that the tone of accusation is false. The facts 
are wrong. The topic is meaningless. The presence of Israeli democratic 
perfection- civil rights, spiritual solidarity, highways to the Holy Land- is 
eternally before us; but the evil little secret in the center of the myth is 
democracy is all the lies that support OCCUPATION and that it will continue to 
exist without us knowing and doing anything about it, without the price of what 
we put on our credit cards to support the deaths of innocent human beings and 
all the other pain exacted.
   Let’s face the facts, it is not possible for a person to do anything really 
constructive if he has already been assured that anything of huge importance 
will take place without him, that transformation, change, revolution- or 
whatever you want to call it- do not call for his or her participation, and 
that a you as a person can somehow stand forever on the outside of the circle 
of effectiveness.
   Businesses attempt to cover their own tracks by offering us bogus and 
insincere commentary. Is Halliburton not the major blood sucker in Iraq and one 
of the biggest hustlers in human history? But let’s get back to the Palestinian 
   We typically fall for the denials and half-truths of American vested 
corporate interest because deep down inside we want to consider the “real deal” 
as being trivial and unimportant, while the things that deeply matter to the 
Palestinian people go on eternally without us because we didn’t give a damn 
about making even the smallest alteration in the irrelevant things we eat or 
  I am not asking anybody to wage a campaign about forcing the Jews out of 
Palestine. This is a land that holds spiritual value to all three faiths. I am 
asking for real democracy and the kind that comes without apartheid walls, 
without ethnic and religious profiling that allows for inadequate healthcare, 
education, oppression and the disregard of human life; and lies that compromise 
the leverage of our own sense of moral potency!
   The body and conscience of the average American citizen is in denial. Why? 
Because it allows us to grant ourselves an unofficial pardon for the human pain 
we support with our dollars and dimes. Much of that pain is the economic 
foundation of our own material advantage and Israel’s. 
  Why must we be shaken from our dreams to do the right thing? We claim to be 
sophisticated people while acting like we are suffering from intellectual and 
moral retardation. If we can’t give up a donut and a cup of coffee from 
Starbucks while people are dying from every sip, then go ahead and enjoy this 
life, live it up- paradise might just be for someone else. My Creator knows 
best. I don’t pretend for one minute to know. I just would not want the 
entrance to the gate to stand before me and a jelly-filled donut!
  To all those offended, I’m just exercising my First Amendment rights and a 
duty to tell it like it is. If it interferes with your latte, get over it! 
Personally I prefer a beverage that isn’t mixed with someone’s blood.
  Khalilah Sabra
  MAS-Freedom Foundation, NC  

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Assalamu Alaikum,
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From: khalilah sabra
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 22:15:15 -0800
Subject: Re: Muslims coffee drinkers, do not prefer starbucks!


  I receive an email that asked the following question:
  if you went to a deli to purchase a bagel/slice of pizza/soda, and the owner 
told you "Hey listen, 10% of whatever you spend is going to be used to try and 
kill off those terrorist Muslims" Would you complete the transaction? or would 
you bear the hunger to walk to another store that makes the food half as good? 
Put yourself in your brothers/sisters place; put yourself in front of the 
ammunition you paid for halfway around the world. Put yourself in front of 
Allah on the day of Judgment. 
         I spoke to some brothers on this issue before... and they said, "come 
on man, who doesn't support Israel? Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts, they all support 
it" SubhanAllaah, let's say they do, every last one of them... you are not 
willing to give up coffee altogether for your brothers and sisters? "You pay 
taxes don't you, that supports Israel" they say. SubhanAllaah, even though we 
do, shouldn't we at the very least absolutely minimize to a penny what we are 
making available for that and spend what we must only.  
       We can have conferences about brotherhood all we want, every single 
year, and say ooh aah, and shed tears at the stories... when will that give 
life to an actual change in our lives? Think about that insha Allah next time 
you want coffee, finals are coming up, gotta study... turn left to Starbucks, 
or right to the corner deli... 
  I have an answer. It may not be the right one, but it is the one I have to 
offer. We as a people lack purity of heart. We wish for one thing but don’t put 
forth the other thing that will result in change. There’s hollowness in the 
ethics we pretend to have. Maybe this reasoning does not apply to everyone but 
it does apply to too many. These are the ones who say they favor change but 
fall into a state of stagnation. If we can’t give up coffee for the sake of 
Allah and for the sake of a people truly harmed by governments and history, 
then something is really wrong with our aqeedah. Either we love Allah too 
little to make such a small contribution, or we love these unimportant things 
too much. Isn’t time we made a decision about what we want to contribute, and 
to which Islamic cause, and at then at least be persistent? Nobody is asking 
for your wealth, your lives and any huge worldly contribution. It’s just a 
stupid cup of overpriced coffee from a business that doesn’t care
 about the rights of Palestinians. They care so little about them that they are 
willing to help steal their land. Why it this so hard and what aren’t you 
seeing what is happening here? Maybe it’s yourself and your momentary selfish 
interest that allows you to walk in and support the devil and his brew.
  A small number of people will have the capacity or even the perseverance to 
twist history; but each of us can exert our individual effort to change a small 
portion of events that will offer support for a people who are suffering from 
sever oppression, but in the total of all those efforts will be written the 
history of a generation who made small sacrifices besides the bigger ones.  It 
is from numberless diverse acts of bravery and conviction that human history is 
shaped. Each time a man or woman stands up for a principle, or acts to improve 
the lives of others, or strikes out against inequality, he sends forth a tiny 
ripple of hope to those who have been waiting for humanity to act. 
  It’s just a cup of coffee and a donut that most of us don’t need anyway. 
Instead of a New Year’s resolution, let’s have a New Year’s Revolution. This is 
one action we can do. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing no more 
Starbucks or Dunkin dumb donuts. It's not worth it. Really.
  Khalilah Sabra. 

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