Do not generalize and accuse other muslims of what you hear from their

The problem is that everyone wants someone else to take care of the
problem instead of them. This organization would have existed and
helped this many babies if they too had believed and blamed other
organizations for not doing anything. Instead they themselves started
doing this on their own. That's what people need to do instead putting
the blame and responsibility on everyone (and every organization)
instead of themselves.

If someone is not as capable as these couple then they can still do
their part by helping the ones who are doing big things like this.
They can donate to help.

--- In, "S. K." wrote:
> Unwanted babies in Karachi are rescued by Edhi Foundation as seen by
>   Why many religious organizations in the country do not undertake such
>   humanitarian jobs instead of teaching children militancy? I asked this
>   question and reply came into flash in my mind. Bigotry and fanaticism
>   that are being exploited by enemies of Pakistan by spreading sectarian
>   and ethnic hatred and planting their agents among their mids to
>   destablize Pakistan.
>   Shah N. Khan

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