The West,
the Occident,
the Free World,
the Western-democracies,
Dass AbendLand,
El Gharb........
has always blamed Islam for recognising
Jesus of Nazareth as being a Prophet
or rather , for being "only-as-a-prophet".
While ignoring,on the other side, 
that Judaism does not even recognise Jesus,
more than being a charlatan or as an impostor,
regardless even to once crucifying him......or not.
And now ,
recently, we have a new phenomena
called : " Christian-Zionists"
who do not know know that on the day
when the Crusaders have reached Jerusalem,
it has had more open churches than
Lisbon or Berlin.....
neither do they know that when the first
Muslim who entered Jerusalem , 300 years earlier,
he was invited to pray inside the Holy Church
by the Bishop of Jerusalem , himself,
who gave him ,voluntarily ,the keys of the Holy City ??!!
(keys,which are still in pocession of a Muslem-Palestinian- family)
It is advisable for my brothers ,all the Christians,
to forbid to the Christian-Zionists , to call themselves:
"Zionists" alone will suffice !!
and would be more accurate and honest.
Raja Chemayel
a christian so close to Islam.....and to the Truth.
16Th of July 2008

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