This is what kids learn, these days, in the public education system, versus an 
Islamic school.


Student awarded marks for exam abuse - UK Education system!

A British student who scribbled an expletive on an English language exam paper 
was awarded 7.5 percent for accurate spelling and effective communication.The 
pupil, who wrote "f*** off" after being asked in an English exam to "describe 
the room you are sitting in", got 2 marks out of 27 and would have got more if 
he had added some punctuation, chief examiner Peter Buckroyd told The Times.

"It does show some very basic skills we are looking for, like conveying some 
meaning and some spelling," said Buckroyd, who works for the Assessment and 
Qualifications Alliance examinations board.

"It shows some nominal skills but no relevance to the task.
"If it had had an exclamation mark it would have got a little bit more because 
it would have been showing a little bit of skill."

According to the report, to gain minimum marks in English GSCE papers - an exam 
taken by hundreds of thousands of 16-year-olds across England every year - 
pupils must demonstrate "some simple sequencing of ideas" and an ability to put 
"some words in appropriate order".



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