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Dr. M. K. Sherwani, LL.D.                             Saeed Arshad Azmi   
President                                                           General 
                                                   PRESS STATEMENT
                              ( Indo-US Nuclear Deal vis-à-vis Indian Muslims)
   Lucknow: July,17,2007- All India Muslim Forum condemns  the vicious 
political circles which  are consistently making a desperate attempt  to drag   
Muslim community into the controversies surrounding  Indo-US Nuclear Deal. The 
major part of the blame, according to Muslim Forum, lies on the shoulders of 
those nefarious ‘maulvis’ who masterminded the statement  from the U.P. Chief 
Minister, Mayawati, linking the nuclear deal  with Muslims, as a  means to 
prostrate on her feet  for their own selfish ends.
                In a joint statement issued here, the President of Muslim 
Forum, Dr. M.K. Sherwani and its General Secretary, Mr. Saeed Arshad Azmi 
emphatically asserted  that while  they have a strong conviction that  through 
this nuclear deal, the American imperialism  is successfully penetrating  the 
first  poison-tipped lethal injection into India’s  sovereign body politic, but 
they are strongly opposed  to any  political adventure which is seeking  to 
make the slavish and   helpless Indian Muslims  the centre of  dirty  electoral 
game on the eve of Parliamentary elections. There is no doubt, the Forum 
leaders stressed, that  this Nuclear deal is an instrument  for India to join 
America’s so-called ‘war on terror’, which in fact is  ‘war on Islam’, and the 
U.S. President Mr. George W.Bush has  made it unambiguously clear  on 9th this 
month at G 8 Summit at Toyako  by his declaration  ‘ that  the US
 would continue  to work with India to “ develop not only a new strategic 
relationship, but a relationship that addresses some of the  world’s problem.”
                 Under these circumstances, Dr. M.K. Sherwani and Saeed Arshad 
Azmi have  appealed both to the supporters and opponents of  this nuclear deal 
to refrain from  making even the slightest mention of Muslims  during the  
heated  discussion  in the parliament  over the Trust Motion on 21 &22 this 
month. If the Political parties have any sympathy with Muslims they must 
jointly strive to implement the recommendations of  Sachar Committee and 
earmark the proportionate 8.5% quota  for Muslim backwards within  27% 
reservations of Mandal Commission.
Dr. Aftab Ahmed )
 India Muslim Forum

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