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Subject: Arab League slams ICC prosecutor

Arab League slams ICC prosecutor 

CAIRO: The Arab League yesterday criticized the International Criminal Court's 
prosecutor for seeking the arrest of Sudan's president on genocide charges, 
saying diplomacy should be given a priority to solve the conflict in Darfur.

Arab foreign ministers, holding an emergency meeting in Cairo, said Arab League 
Secretary-General Amr Moussa would head to Khartoum today to inform the 
Sudanese leadership of a plan to defuse the crisis. Moussa said he would 
announce the details within two days.

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis 
Moreno-Ocampo, has asked the court for a warrant for President Omar Bashir on 
suspicion of masterminding crimes against humanity in his country's troubled 
Darfur region.

Moreno-Ocampo accused Bashir of running a campaign of genocide that killed 
35,000 people outright, at least another 100,000 through a "slow death" and 
forced 2.5 million to flee their homes in Darfur. The final communiqué of the 
meeting said the ministers "called for giving priority to a political 
settlement... and sought an international high-profile summit to push the 
political process in Darfur." 

The resolution criticized Moreno-Ocampo's "unbalanced stance" for asking ICC 
judges to issue a warrant for Bashir's arrest, which, if granted, would be the 
first ever issued by The Hague-based court against a sitting head of state. 
Earlier opening the meeting, Djibouti Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssef said 
the ICC had set a dangerous precedent. "The indictment sets a dangerous 
precedent in dealing with heads of state. It will have dangerous repercussions, 
not only for Sudan but also for the whole region," said Youssef, who chaired 
the meeting.

Hours before the meeting convened, Yemen's lower house of Parliament condemned 
the charges against Bashir as legally groundless.

A resolution passed by the 301-seat Yemeni Assembly of Representatives 
dismissed them as a "complete falsehood and an infringement on Sudan's internal 
affairs." It added that the charges were "part of a plot targeting Arab and 
Muslim nations." The perception that the charges are politically motivated has 
been expressed by other Arab officials.

At the Cairo meeting, Youssef criticized what he branded "the double standard" 
of the international community, saying that "the world has been watching for 
years Palestinians suffering without moving" to end it. The charges against 
Bashir came a year after the court indicted Sudanese Humanitarian Affairs 
Minister Ahmed Harun, who was formerly in charge of security in Darfur, and 
suspected militia leader Ali Kushayb for crimes against humanity.

Before yesterday's meeting, a source said the ministers would discuss a 
proposal urging Bashir to surrender Harun and Kushayb to the ICC in return for 
asking the UN Security Council to defer prosecution of Bashir for at least a 
year. Such a suspension, which is indefinitely renewable, is necessary because 
the penal process against Bashir "reduces the chances of peace in Darfur," a 
diplomat said.

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