Muslim woman wear a hijab...which is more than just a head cover..becoz ALLAH 
ordered them to do soin two places in QURANand as PROPHET(pbuh) also ordered 
her to do so.
The QURAN says (surah:24 verse:30-31)
Tell the believing men to lower thier gazeand be modest.That is purer for 
them.LO! ALLAH is aware of what they do.And tell the believing women to lower 
their gazeand be modest and to display of their adornmentonly that which is 
apparentand to draw their veils upon their bosoms, and not to reveal their 
adornment save to their own fathers, husbands or husbands` fathers ,or their 
sons or their husbands` sons,or their brothers or their brothers`sons or 
sisters`sons,or their women or their slaves,or male attendants who lack 
vigor,or children who know naught of women nackedness.AND let them not  stamp 
their feet so as toreveal what they hide of their adornment. AND turn unto 
ALLAH together, O! Believers in order that ye may succeed.
These verses tell us thatour islamic dress is notjust a matter of covering the 
head alone, but also covering the bosom, which is attractive to men, and of 
lowering the gaze and walking in the way that does not attract attention.NOTE 
that the order to lower the gaze was first addressed to men....
QURAN also says( surah:33 verse:59)
O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughtersand the women of believers to draw 
their cloaksclose round them(when they go out).That will be better,that so thay 
may be recognized and not annoyed.ALLAH is ever forgiving and merciful.
This indicates that one of the reasons for Hijab is to distinguish the 
believingwomen from the non believing.
The fact is that"men do like to look at womens` bodies, so a woman who covers 
herself is more likelyto be respected as a person than looked upon as a piece 
of meat!
It is true that men dont have to cover their heads,but their is a dress code 
for them, as well, although it is not so widely publicized as the women`s dress 
code. M en must  atleast be covered from the navel to the knees with loose 
fitting clothes.The rules for men are different because women are less likely 
to ogle menthan the other way around.
HIJAB is a women`s right to maintain her modesty and to be respected as a 
person.If one woman has to go half naked in the public, Why does not the other 
woman has the right to cover herself in public? Why it is to be looked upon as 
an oppression if she chooses to be modest?

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