Iran successfully tests HIV medication
      Sun, 29 Jun 2008 19:46:48

      An Iran-made herbal drug for AIDS has been tested on over 200 patients 
and has shown promising results in improving the condition.

      Reported to be more efficient when used in HIV positive patients with CD4 
below 350, Immuno-Modulator Drug (IMOD) prevents entry into advanced stages of 
AIDS and can be taken along with other anti-retroviral drugs.

      The herbal medication has shown to effectively control the multiplication 
of the HIV virus in a 90-day treatment course by increasing the number of CD4 
cells, the deficiency of which leads to the appearance of AIDS symptoms and 
related infections.

      According to Minoo Mohraz, Head of the Iranian AIDS Research Center, the 
new medicine has been tested in a 21-month period and has helped boost the 
immune system of 65 percent of the over 200 patients. The medication has had no 
noticeable side effects.

      IMOD is produced using plants native to Iran; small dosages of the drug 
have reportedly shown to be as effective as anti-retroviral medications.




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