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From:raja chemayel

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 09:17:24 
To: eGroup For Muslims Around The World<islamcity@yahoogroups.com>
Subject: Bismillah [IslamCity] summer holidays,  in the Lebanon of Europe


The mountains of the Lebanon
and the Mediterranean sea,
near Geneva
Obama went to inspect Afghanistan's new-Opinion-fields
Gordon Brown is visiting the liberated-Green-Zone-of-Iraq
Lebanon and Israel are exchanging corpses
while Israel has  released the longest serving prisoner,
ever held ,worldwide....... after 31 years !!!
My son is packing his luggage and his cameras
my wife and daughter too...
we are off to Switzerland , to visit
the Lebanon of Europe otherwise own as:
La Republique Helvetique Suisse.
For the next month you shall have the pleasure
of not having to read my nonsense anymore  !!
and my translators ,God bless them all ,
will enjoy a better sarcasm ,
less repetition , less spelling mistakes
and a more refined humour
by anyone else..... 
If you hear soon that Switzerland became no more
a neutral-country    it would be because of me,
surely.....because neutrality is like impotence !!
After all Zionism was born in there in Basel !!
I wish you all of you ........ Happy Summer Holidays
a lot of health and patience
and that you would still want to read me ,
when I come back
or if I come back ........... Inchallah !!
22 July 2008

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