Jun 08

Rewards of Safeguarding the Eyes from Lustful Glances

Protection From Uneasiness
What is the first reward? It is protection from being uneasy. After staring at 
a female, one’s uneasiness increases. He feels, “I wish I could have got her.” 
You are therefore saved from uttering the word ‘wish’ and you are saved from 
expressing regret.
The first reward is thus called ‘protection from regret’. Now a person will not 
regret because he did not glance. The simple food of the house like chutney and 
roti will seem like biryani and plaow because it is a bounty granted by Allah. 
Tell me, if all the women of the world had to send biryani and plow for Majnun 
while Layla, whom he was madly in love with sent dry bread, whose food would he 
have eaten? He would have eaten Layla’s food and said, “This dry bread came 
from Layla’s hand.” Therefore the saints who are the lovers of Allah, regard 
their wives better than all the Laylas of the world. They know that Allah has 
granted them their wives.
That is the reason they live in peace. There is complete tranquillity in their 
homes. While on the contrary, those who gaze around here and there, are always 
perturbed and their homes have no blessing. Their homes are full of quarrels 
and fights because the husband has another woman in mind. His wife does not 
seem attractive anymore. Therefore, what is the first reward for safeguarding 
the gaze? It is protection from problems, uneasiness and regret.
The Sweetness Of Iman
The second reward is that one experiences the sweetness of Iman. Rasulullah 
Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has narrated a hadithe qudsi. The muhaditheen have 
stated that a hadithe qudsi is the statement of Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wa 
sallam, which he narrates from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la by saying, “Allah 
Subhanahu wa Ta’la says.”
Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has narrated in a hadithe qudsi that 
Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la said,

“The gaze is a poisonous arrow from among the arrows of Iblis (satan). Whoever 
protected his heart and gaze from this arrow due to My fear, I will grant him 
the sweetness of Iman that he will perceive in his heart.”
Due to the fact that he sacrificed the sweetness of his sight for Allah’s sake, 
Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la will grant him the sweetness of the heart. Allamah Ibn 
Qayyim (Rahimahullah) says that a person gave his basarat [gaze] and obtained 
basîrat [insight]. Basarat refers to sight. By sacrificing his sight, Allah 
Subhanahu wa Ta’la gave him the reward of the sweetness of Iman in his heart.
A Good Ending
Mulla Ali Qari lived in Hirat and then emigrated to Makkah. His grave is in 
Jannatul Ma’la. He writes in the explanation of this hadith that whoever is 
granted the sweetness of Iman will most certainly die with Iman because Allah 
Subhanahu wa Ta’la will not grant the sweetness of Iman to one and then snatch 
it away. This is the third reward for protecting the gaze. Therefore, do a 
transaction of a good ending with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’la by protecting your 
gaze wherever there are women eg. on the streets, airports, railway stations, 
shopping malls, etc. When the sweetness of Iman enters the heart, it never 
comes out again.


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