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Rasulullah () said that the one who has an atom’s weight of pride in his heart 
will not enter jannah. He will not even get the scent of Jannah. This is the 
material of the atom bomb of pride that it deprives one of the scent of heaven. 
Therefore, one should have concern about it. We should not have this atom bomb 
within ourselves without knowing about it. Consult the bomb disposal squad, 
namely the Ahlullah to rid oneself of this bomb.
Two Ingredients Of Pride
What is Pride? Rasulullah () has apprised us of its ingredients namely,

Non-acceptance of the truth.
Regarding people as inferior.
Some people don’t accept the truth even though they know it is the truth. They 
say, “We do not accept what the Molvis have to say.” This is pride. The second 
sign of pride is that one regards others as inferior. Rasulullah () did not use 
the word ‘believer’ in the hadith but he said, ‘an-nas’, that is all the 
people. Thus, even if you regard a kafir as inferior, you have pride.
Now you may ask how can we not regard a kafir as inferior. Well remember that 
it is obligatory to dislike kufr [disbelief] but it is haram to regard a kafir 
as debased. It is possible that he may recite the kalimah and die with faith.
Source: A Life of Piety By Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab (db)


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