The Muslim Brotherhood Denies Report It Called for Writer 

      IkhwanWeb - Egypt

      Tuesday, July 22, 2008
      The Lebanese Menassat news agency has mysteriously translated the word 
"Jama’a Islamiya" or "The Islamic Group" into the Muslim Brotherhood in a news 
story about a call by Jama’a Islamiya to prosecute feminist writer Nawal 
Saadawi on charges of blasphemy and contempt for religion.

      The error in translation itself was a fatal mistake, since it confuses 
two completely ideologically different organizations and schools of thought, 
but it also feeds into false allegations by opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood 
that it adopts a hard-line stance against freedoms of thought and expression.

      Prosecuting writers contradicts with the Muslim Brotherhood ideology 
which has always been staunch supporter of freedom of thought and expression

      "We promote freedom of thought," said MB Secretary General Mahmoud Ezzat, 
"and never in the history of the Muslim Brotherhood we prosecuted or called for 
the prosecution of writers."

      "But is important that writers and thinkers use their talents in a way 
that respects the creeds and beliefs of others; in another word seek to 
reconcile between principles of freedom and the respect to the rights of 
others, so that one’s opinion will not be a violation of the other’s freedom of 
belief," he told Ikhwanweb.







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