Assalam  mualaikum,
I  am  sorry  to  bring  this  matter  up  to your  attention.
Please  advise  brothers  and  sisters  who  wrote  in to  Islam city in  
English,  have  to  realise  that  worldwide   bros and sisters who visit this  
website  are made  up of  different  races  and  nationalities.
What  good  is  it  to  have  an  article  written  in   attachment  (?????that 
 I  cannot  read  nor  knows  what  language it  is)when  the  main  article  
was  written  in  perfect  English!!!!!
It  would  be  nice  to have  read this  Booklet  on  Ramadhan  to  know  what  
 in  the   contents............regretably, it  stays  a  mystery.    Only  
Allah  S.W.T  knows.  
Insha   Allah, with  Allah's  will,  someone  will be  able  to  translate.  
Wallahu wallam.
Sis Nur

To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 10:06:57 +0300Subject: Bismillah 
[IslamCity] Ramadhan Booklet


Please find attached booklet regarding Ramadhan
 Nujum Odayam

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