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            August 21, 2008

            Film "Twenty Five Thousand Tents Maybe More" Now Available on DVD

            Al-Awda's Media Center is pleased to announce that you can now 
order the film "Twenty Five Thousand Tents Maybe More" on DVD. This documentary 
by Samer Salameh and Ala'a al-Sadi, two young Palestinian film makers from 
Yarmouk Camp in Syria, premiered at the Sixth Annual International Al-Awda 
Convention in May 2008. It powerfully documents the lives of  Palestinians 
currently stranded in al-Tanaf detention camp in a no man's land on the Iraq 
Syria border. It explores the lives of Palestinians who first found refuge in 
Iraq with the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the expulsion of its people 
in 1948. Following the US invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, they have 
been forced to flee and find refuge elsewhere once again. This profoundly 
moving and instructive film gives voice to the suffering and heroism of 
Palestinians as they tell of personal experiences, the hardships they endure, 
what led them to flee Iraq, as well as their aspirations and hopes for the 

            For the first time on DVD, this documentary film makes it possible 
for the world to see the effect of Western attempts to conquer West Asia, and 
the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in their struggle to survive and 
return to their homeland Palestine.


            According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 
(UNHCR), 34,000 Palestinians lived in Iraq before the American invasion in 
2003. Since then, about 19,000 have left the country because of harassment, 
threats of deportation, abuse by the media, arbitrary detention, torture and 
murder. Palestinian neighborhoods such as al-Hurriyya and al-Baladiyyat in 
Baghdad have been bombarded and attacked regularly since 2003. Nearly three 
thousand Palestinians who were forced to flee are now stranded in detention 
camps along the Syria Iraq border. For further information on the current 
situation of these Palestinians, please see this factsheet

            Order your copy

            To order your copy of this outstanding DVD, simply go to and follow the instructions. Minimum donation 
$20.00 plus $5.00 shipping per copy. All proceeds directed to help alleviate 
the suffering at al-Tanaf.

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