have this photo blown-up
and look at details of the handshake

Recently I posted a message/article concerning Arab States
who flirt with Israel or who simply and openly
have recognised that criminal-state.

The same above picture was used as an illustration to the subject
and I have commented that
" Livni is not even looking in the eye the the Qatari-Foreign-Minister"

After I have sended that message I looked closer at the picture
only to notice that Livni is not even shaking the hand ,
 but simply giving him one finger

Although it is not the "middle-finger"
it is still only one finger.

So Arab-Regimes be warned !!

If and when you decide to shake hands with Israel
you get only one finger....

Israel ultimately does not want hand-shakes
because it lead to Peace and this is not Israel's strategy
because Peace means consessions and conssessions means
giving back any stolen or occupied land.

So keek your hand for yourselves , dear Arab-regimes
and use them to make a fist......
from Israel you get only one finger !!!

 remember what George ever gave you

Sherlock Hommos


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