As the Authenticity of Al-Qur’an is Guaranteed and no subtraction or Addition 
Is Guaranteed by Allah Jalla-Shan’hoo – this sacred Book remains Original and 
Protacted, BUT NO Direct Guarantee is forwarded for Ahdith! However, the 
dedicated People, individually and collectively, endeavored to keep the Ahadith 
preserved and Authentic.
The writing of and memorizing of the Ahadith commenced in the times of the 
Messenger PBUH. Hazarat Abu Huraira R.A. Memorised and then wrote over 5000 
Ahadith. Next in line is Hazarat Anas R.A. who delivered valued Authentic 
Ahadith of
More than 3500 Ahadith and in the third place is Maa Aishya R.A.
Who has narrated more than 2250 Ahadith?
The Call of the Messenger PUBH is:
My century is the best then next (century) then next (century) that means three 
centuries were the best on account of strengthen The Deen of Islam it also 
means the age of Sahaba(es) R.A. and Ta’be’een and Taba – ta’be’een  
Alai-hi-Rahma ajmeen.
The answer is very simple.
Because, Ahadith/Seerat are the explanation of Al-Qur’an and
ALHUDA = AL-QUR’AN + SUNNAH (Ahadith+Seerat).
If we do not have Authentic Ahadith then we can never understand, what 
Al-Qur’an specifically says, what is its Wisdom, What is Allah s.w.t’s 
writ/desire/ordain/command etc?
Unfortunately, in every age, the people have/are trying to sabotage the Message 
of Al-Mighty. It is not only with Ahadith but also with Torah, Bible, Vaidas, 
Puranas and etc.
They put their own thoughts in the books and say this is from Almighty, 
similarly, if they find anything irritating to them, they pluck out what is 
(according to them ) harmful.
Ask a christen bishop:” which of the so many books is Engieel, or Word of God” 
the answer is very queer:”no book is Word of God but all these books contain 
word of God!”
In the next Chapter we will see how the Authentic Ahadith were collected and 
compiled in the light of Quran/Hadith - Inshallah


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