Question: What are the conditions of tawbah (repentance) from gheebah
14, '09 10:31 PM
for everyone *Question:* What are the conditions of *tawbah* (repentance)
from *gheebah* (backbiting)?

*Answer:* The conditions of *tawbah* for backbiting are:
1. Feel sadness and some form of remorse for what was done.
2. Give it up.
3. Make up your mind never to repeat that act again
4. Try to seek forgiveness from the one who was backbitten if this is
possible. However, if this will cause a greater confusion or a confusion
similar to the wrong that was done, then it is better to stay away from that
and instead supplicate for him until you feel that you have given him his
due for what you have done wrongly to him.

*Answered by: Shaykh Abdullah Al Ghuydaan*

*Title of lecture: Tafseer Surah Al-Hujuraat, Class #5*

*Date answered: 7th April 2007*

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Masjid Ahlul-Quraan wa As-Sunnah of New york

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