Serbs ordered to pay for mosques

Serb authorities in Bosnia-Hercegovina have been ordered to pay $42m (£26m) to 
local Muslims for the destruction of mosques during the Bosnian civil war.

All 16 mosques in Banja Luka, the main town of the Serb-run Republika Srpska, 
were destroyed in the 1992-1995 war.

A lawyer for the area's Muslim community said the local court verdict was of 
historic importance.

Hundreds of religious buildings were destroyed in the conflict, in which about 
100,000 civilians were killed.

The local court ruling came nine years after the Bosnian Islamic Community sued 
the Bosnian Serb government and Banja Luka city authorities for the destruction 
of the shrines in 1993.

The Islamic Community said more than 1,000 of its objects were destroyed or 
damaged during the war.

"For us, what is far more important than material compensation is that for the 
first time Republika Srpska has taken complete responsibility for the 
destruction of the mosques," SRNA news agency quoted the Islamic Community's 
lawyer Esad Hrvacic as saying.

The Dayton peace agreement signed in 1995 created two semi-state entities: 
Republika Srpska for the Serbs, and the Bosniak-Croat Federation for Bosniaks 
(Bosnian Muslims) and Croats.

The Christian Serbs started the ethnic cleansing of all of Bosnian Muslim 
population. They systematically killed all the boys and men, cut open the 
bellies of the pregnant Muslim women, and then raped the Muslim women and girls 
to impregnate them with "Christian" offsprings, while putting the rest of the 
girls and women to sexual slavery.

Bosnian Muslim asked the world for help and as expected no one came. They then 
realized they were on their own so they started fighting back as Mujaahideen 
and started winning. After seeing the victories of these Muslims and the 
defeats of the Christian Serbs, Bill Clinton (US president then) then 
intervenes and stops the Muslims from winning. He and his western pals then 
divide the Muslim country into Serbs and bosnians' regions.


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