Coalition of Arabs and Muslims in America
Arizona Chapter
tickets will be available on line soon
British Parliament member George Galloway will be arriving to Phoenix on 
Monday, May 18th to speak at
Al-Nakba commemoration second annual conference organized by
CARAMA-Coalition of Arabs and Muslims in America Arizona Chapter
More details about the event will be posted soon on this website.
 George Galloway is a British politician, author, and broadcaster, who has been 
a Member of Parliament (MP) since 1987 and is known for his outspoken 
anti-Zionist views. Mr. Galloway has been reelected in the British Parliament 
for 23 years. On Feb. 14, Valentines day, He led a convoy of 135 vehicles, 350 
volunteers, with 2 million dollars of aid consisting of food, 
medicines,ambulances, blankets, generators from London all the way through 
deserts and broke the Israeli siege to give the humanitarian aid to the people 
of Gaza who have been living for two years under an Israeli Siege, and victims 
of the Israeli Criminal bombings. This was a difficult 3 week journey, they 
slept in the vehicles . On his arrival George Galloway was greeted as a hero by 
all people of Gaza. 

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