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                                    PRESS STATEMENT
                         ( All India Muslim Forum on Taliban )
  Lucknow:, May, 5,2009 -All India Muslim Forum strongly condemns  the growing 
barbaric face of  Taliban insurgency  which has assumed the most menacing 
proportion  in the form of  extortion of  money from the hapless Sikh community 
of the region in the name of Jazia.
               In a joint statement the Chairman of  Muslim Forum Dr. 
M.K.Sherwani and its President, Syed Rafat have requested the Organization of 
Islamic States  and other meaningful Muslim entities the world over to exert  
pressure over Talibans to abandon their misconceived notion of Shariah  so 
that  the international fraternity  may be saved from its likely evil 
repercussions. While calling upon Pakistan and Talibans to immediately bring 
their armed conflict to a halt, both the leaders  appealed to the saner  global 
community not to allow the United States of America and its NATO stooges to use 
the  ongoing  serious developments as a further tool  to demonize Islam and 
execute their known anti- Muslim agenda in the name of ‘ War on Terror’.
             The gravity of the situation requires, stressed Dr. Sherwani and 
Syed Rafat , that the American-led NATO forces  which are an anathema to the 
Afghan people must be immediately withdrawn and replaced  by the  composite 
multi-national troops, drawn from neutral states under the aegis of United 
Nations. It is the last opportunity before the World Body and powerful 
countries to assert their influence if they  want to save the  humanity from 
devastating international conflagration that is bound to spare none.
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani
Chairman, All India Muslim Forum
Galaxy Market, Thakurganj
Lucknow ,U.P.India.

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