The Voting for Sharia in Somalia

Anwar alAwlaki - April-20-2009 

The Somali parliament has voted unanimously for the implementation of Sharia 
which is seen as good news by many in the Muslim world - and it is - as it 
reflects the desire of the Somali people to live by the laws of Allah.

However there are some issues that need to be highlighted. 

First, there is a fundamental problem with the procedure in which the decision 
was made. The law of Allah should not be voted over. To give the people the 
choice whether to apply  Sharia or not reflects a fundamental problem in the 
understanding of Tawhid.

Allah says: "But no, by your Lord, they can have no Faith, until they make you 
(O Muhammad SAW) judge in all disputes between them, and find in themselves no 
resistance against your decisions, and accept (them) with full submission." 
(An-Nisa 4:65)

So people cannot be believers until they submit to the law of Allah and accept 
it without any reservations. The Islamic government exists to impose Sharia 
rather than submit it to a vote. Therefore a government that declares that it 
will accept the results of a vote for Sharia, even if the results are not to 
implement it, is by necessity a non-Islamic government.

Second, the Sharif government is using its application of Sharia to convince 
the other resistance groups to lay down their arms and join the government. But 
from a Sharia point of view the objectives of the Jihad in Somalia have not 
been achieved yet and therefore the Jihad of these groups needs to carry on. 
Yes, the implementation of Sharia is the most important of these objectives, 
however, the Sharif government cannot be seen as a valid government for three 
main reasons. The first: Just as it applied Sharia by a vote it could dismantle 
Sharia by a vote. They have not implemented Sharia as a matter of principle but 
because it is the will of the people and therefore the Sharif government is 
closer to being a democratic government than it being an Islamic one. Second: 
The Sharif government is still allowing the existence of a foreign invading 
force represented in the forces of the African Union. The Jihad in Somalia 
should carry on until the last AU soldier leaves the country and any forces 
that side with the AU -including the Sharif government- become legitimate 
targets. And third: The Sharif government is basing its foreign relations with 
the outside world on a nationalistic basis rather that an Islamic one. The 
support it receives from the US, the EU and the UN is a reflection of it being 
a tool to advance the imperialistic interests of the West and to eradicate the 
strong Jihad movement in the country.

Therefore, even though it is good news for the ummah that Sharia will be 
implemented again in Somalia but we should not see this as an end to the 
struggle to establish an Islamic state and community and to free the country 
from foreign intervention and corruption. 

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