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Date: Thu, May 21, 2009 at 5:21 PM
Subject: press statement

Joint Committee of Muslim Organisations for Empowerment (JCMOE)
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Syed Shahabudin 
JCMOE Felicitates the INC and the UPA Government and Offers its Best
Wishes for a Successful Term in the Service of the Common Man
New Delhi, 21 May, 2009: Syed Shahabuddin, the Convener of JCMOE, has
issued the following statement:
The JCMOE offers it warm felicitations to the Indian National Congress
for its historic success in the General Election 2009 under the
leadership of Madam Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh.
The JCMOE wishes them success in implementing the Manifesto of the party
and completing the unfinished agenda of the last term. 
The JCMOE, however, regrets, the poor representation of the Muslim
community in the newly elected Parliament and attributes it to the low
number of Muslim candidates fielded by the secular parties, the
competition among secular parties for Muslim votes and division of
Muslim votes at the constituency level on the basis of sects and
'baradaris'.  The JCMOE feels  that our democratic and order secular
will shine only when Muslims and other  religious minorities are fully
represented in the political system. 
The JCMOE expects due representation of the minorities in the Council of
Ministers,  particularly in the ministries and departments of special
concern to them, like the Human Resource Development, Home Affairs, Law
and Judiciary ,  Information and Broadcasting, Rural and Urban
Development, Minority Welfare, Finance and Planning etc. 
The JCMOE also takes the opportunity to reiterate its request to the
Government to establish a Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Welfare
of the Minorities as well as a system of periodical consultation with
Muslim organisations of national eminence for mutual benefit. 
In particular, the JCMOE requests the Government to table the Report of
Jusctice  Ranganath Mishra Commission in  the parliament to facilitate
the evolution of a national consensus on its recommendations specially
on the question of reservation in higher education, public employment,
bank credit flow and social development benefits. 
The JCMOE also requests that at least once a year the Parliament should
hold a Discussion on the Situation of the Minorities in the light of the
annual reports of various official bodies and programmes like the PM's
New 15 point Programme for the  Welfare of the Minorities , the National
Commission for Minorities, the Central Wakf Council, the Maulana Azad
Foundation, the Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities and the National
Minorities Finance and Development Corporation. 
The JCMOE recalls the repeated call of the PM for inclusive development
with social justice and for power sharing and expresses the hope that
with political stability, he shall be able to lead the country forward
on his chosen path for the welfare of the Aam Admi and the deprived
masses which include 80% of the Muslim Community. 
The JCMOE invokes the blessing of Allah for the progress and prosperity
of the people, for social peace and communal harmony and for friendly
relations with our neighbours.  
(Syed Shahabuddin) 

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