That's pretty ironic considering that Jordan was Palestine before the creation 
of Isreal and it's siding with the Brits in the war for independence; better 
idea how about Jordan partnering with Palestine and remerging the lands. Just 
another one of my dumb ideas!


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Jordanian MPs: Break ties 
with Israel over Knesset proposal  

At least 15 Jordanian lawmakers on Friday urged the government 
to sever diplomatic ties with Israel in protest against debate in the Israeli 
parliament over regarding Jordan as an 
"alternative homeland" for the Palestinians. 

"The voting on the 
proposal by the Israeli Knesset proves that the Zionist mentality of the ruling 
politicians in Israel does not believe in peace and has no respect for the 
treaties and UN resolution," the pro-government National Democratic Bloc at the 
lower house of parliament said in a statement. 

The group, which includes 
15 deputies, considered last week's discussion in Israel's Knesset "a 
of the peace treaty, which Jordan concluded with Israel in 1994. 

group said Jordan's response should be the "dismissal of the Israeli ambassador 
and withdrawal of the Jordanian envoy" from Israel. 

The proposal depicting "two states for two peoples on the two 
banks of the River Jordan" was put on the Knesset's agenda by MK Aryeh 
Eldad from the far-right National Union-National Religious Party. 

Knesset voted to refer the suggestion to one of its committees for further 

Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh summoned Israeli's 
ambassador in Amman earlier this week and handed him a strongly-worded protest 
that "categorically rejected" the Knesset move. 

Judeh reiterated 
Jordan's stance envisaging the creation of an independent Palestinian state on 
all territories that Israel captured in the 1967 Six-Day War, including East 
Jerusalem, under the two-state track supported by the world's leading powers, 
including the United States and the European Union.
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