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14 February 2003

Hello, all --

Effective immediately, I will no longer be providing a monthly column
for Securityfocus.Com, which was acquired in 2002 by Symantec.

The issue came down to questioning of the byzantine Industrial Age
process through which Symantec - a billion dollar company allegedly
in-tune with the Information Age - pays its recurring, monthly

Although grumbling about the situation to my editor over the holidays
(and hearing some of his complaints about the Symantec merger as well)
I decided that enough was enough.  The other day, I composed a polite,
formal letter to Symantec's executive management regarding this

Yesterday, as a professional (and personal) courtesy, I sent a draft
copy of my complaint to my editor since he's been a fair person to
work with. I asked for his comments or thoughts on it before I sent it
via postal mail to the company.

Today, via phone, my editor informs me that my column is being
cancelled as a result of my "attitude" these past few months
(regarding the archaic payment process) and also for the "quality" of
my work -- which really surprised me, particularly since we've had a
very candid working relationship these past two years and aside from
typical editorial comments, he seldom complained about my work.

One would think if the editorial problem was *that* serious, given how
we've worked together these past few years, if such a problem existed,
he would have brought it to my attention sooner.  I suspect this is
simply a more convenient way of justifying the termination of my
contract -- or else why bring it up now - retroactively - without any
warning or opportunity for improvement?

Was it inappropriate wanting to contact executive management about
this problem? Perhaps. However, since my editor never provided me a
middle-management person to discuss this situation with when asked, I
felt justified in seeking answers from elsewhere in the company.

Suffice it to say, the letter never got sent, because (for me, at
least) there's no reason to send it now.

Thus, I am moving on with no regrets....and wish my (formerly) fellow
Securityfocus columnists well as they continue working in the shadow
of the Symantec behemoth.  I also hope that Symantec learns to embrace
the Information Age in practice as well as in buzzwords.
Billion-dollar-business or not, there's always room for common sense.



For those interested, a copy of my draft letter to Symantec can be found at:

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