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=== v1.12.0 === (15 August 2019)

This ISPC update includes experimental cross OS compilation support, ARM and 
AARCH64 support and a bunch of language features and stability fixes.

Here are the details:

- ISPC is now a cross OS compiler - You can build ISPC programs for Windows, 
Linux,  macOS, iOS, Android and PS4 targets from Windows, Linux and macOS hosts.
- ARM and AARCH64 support has been enabled for ISPC. ARM support currently 
exists for neon-i32x4, neon-i8x16 and neon-i16x8 targets. AARCH64 is supported 
for neon-i32x4 as well as for a new "double-pumped" 8-wide target: neon-i32x8.
- A new 128-bit AVX2 target (avx2-i32x4) was added.
- Added a CPU definition for Ice Lake client CPUs (--cpu=icl). Note that there 
is no special target for new instructions in Ice Lake flavor of AVX512 yet. For 
now, You can use SKX targets (avx512skx-i32x8 and avx512skx-i32x16) with 
- Removed the generic targets for KNC and KNL, so ISPC does not have KNC 
support anymore. KNL is still supported through native target 
- Removed AVX1.1 (IvyBridge) targets (use AVX1 targets instead).
- Introduced new language features:
    - 'noinline' function qualifier.
    - 'rsqrt_fast()' and 'rcp_fast()' functions.
    - Static initialization for varying.
- A new command line option '--emit-llvm-text' was added to dump LLVM IR in 
text format.

An ISPC top-of-trunk build is now available in the Compiler Explorer 

The release is based on a patched LLVM 8.0.0 backend.

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