Pranay Singh created IMPALA-7168:

             Summary: DML query may hang if CatalogUpdateCallback() encounters 
repeated error
                 Key: IMPALA-7168
             Project: IMPALA
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Catalog
    Affects Versions: Impala 2.12.0, Impala 3.0, Impala 2.11.0, Impala 2.10.0, 
Impala 2.9.0
            Reporter: Pranay Singh

DML queries or INSERT  will encounter a hang, if 
exec_env_->frontend()->UpdateCatalogCache() in 
ImpalaServer::CatalogUpdateCallback encounters repeated error like ENOMEM. 

This happens with SYNC_DDL set to 1 when the coordinator node is waiting for 
it's catalog version to become current.

The scenario shows up like this, lets say there are two coordinator nodes , 
Node A, Node B
and catalogd and statestored are running on Node C.

a) CREATE TABLE is executed on Node A, with SYNC_DDL set to 1, the thread 
running the query is going to block in 
impala::ImpalaServer::ProcessCatalogUpdateResult(), waiting for it's catalog 
version to become current.

b) Meanwhile statestored running on Node C would call 
ImpalaServer::CatalogUpdateCallback on Node B via thrift RPC to do a delta 
topic update, which would not happen if we encounter repeated errors, say front 
end is low on memory (low JVM heap situation).

c) In such case Node A will wait indefinitely, till Node B is shutdown 
voluntarily.Note this is case where Node B is reachable (hearbeat is fine, but 
bad node)

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