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             Summary: Use cases to consider
                 Key: AIRAVATA-2108
             Project: Airavata
          Issue Type: Sub-task
          Components: Airavata API
         Environment: Software platform, Middleware serivice
            Reporter: Anuj Bhandar
            Assignee: Anuj Bhandar

Resource Allocation use-cases:

1. Establish an allocations process:  The allocation administrator interacts 
with Airavata staff to establish an allocations process for a client 

Note: This may be a extra feature request, because the allocation process can 
be same (predefined) to all the clients

2. Establish and manage review panel: The allocation administrator establishes 
one or more review panels and designates panelists, their terms, and areas of 

       *  The level of depth and role privileges are to be thought about and    
       *  Parameters such as least number of approvals and number of panelists 
should be finalized.

3.  Add resources: Airavata resource allocation service queries Airavata's 
resource discovery service to identify resources that services providers have 
designated to be part of a given allocation process.

       *  Types of resources: Community and paid (XSEDE)
       *  Are all the clients entitled to select all kinds of resources ? or is 
it predefined

4. Establish a submission opportunity: The allocation administrator defines and 
verifies the deadlines, review panel, and resources associated with a 
submission opportunity. 

 Note: As some of these use-cases are picked from "XRAS (XSEDE)", I need more 
elaboration on submission opportunity

5. Submission of allocation request: Researchers visit the client 
organization’s designated interface to submit their allocation requests.

6. Manage the review process: The allocation administrator identifies conflicts 
of interest between reviewers and submissions, assigns and notifies reviewers, 
and prepares for face-to-face panel meetings.

Note: This may be an extra feature request.

7. Submission of a review: Panel members authenticate to the Airavata's review 
interface using usernames and authentication, access request documents, related 
accounting details, and complete assigned reviews.

8. Award or reject allocation requests: Following the panel meeting or other 
decision process, the allocation administrator enters allocation amounts or 
rejection information, notifies the submitter, and relays results to the
service provider(s). 

9. Allocation data reporting and access: Airavata's will provide interfaces to 
allow allocation administrators to generate basic reports and exchange data 
with a reporting service.

As this a tentative list of use-cases, any suggestion and improvements are 
gladly welcome.

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