Robert Levas created AMBARI-22988:

             Summary: master-key option is missing from ambari-server setup 
                 Key: AMBARI-22988
             Project: Ambari
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: ambari-server
    Affects Versions: 2.7.0
            Reporter: Kishor Ramakrishnan
            Assignee: Robert Levas
             Fix For: 2.7.0

{{ambari-server setup --enable-lzo-under-gpl-license}} failing with 
{{Unexpected AttibuteError}}

# ambari-server setup --enable-lzo-under-gpl-license -s
Using python /usr/bin/python
Setup ambari-server
Checking SELinux...
SELinux status is 'disabled'
Customize user account for ambari-server daemon [y/n] (n)?
Adjusting ambari-server permissions and ownership...
Checking firewall status...
Checking JDK...
Do you want to change Oracle JDK [y/n] (n)?
Check JDK version for Ambari Server...
JDK version found: 8
Minimum JDK version is 8 for Ambari. Skipping to setup different JDK for Ambari 
Checking GPL software agreement...
Completing setup...
Configuring database...
Enter advanced database configuration [y/n] (n)?
Configuring database...
ERROR: Unexpected AttributeError: Values instance has no attribute 'master_key'
For more info run ambari-server with -v or --verbose option

*Note*: This occurs after encrypting passwords in the 
{{}} file:
# ambari-server setup-security
Using python  /usr/bin/python
Security setup options...
Choose one of the following options:
  [1] Enable HTTPS for Ambari server.
  [2] Encrypt passwords stored in file.
  [3] Setup Ambari kerberos JAAS configuration.
  [4] Setup truststore.
  [5] Import certificate to truststore.
Enter choice, (1-5): 2
Please provide master key for locking the credential store:
Re-enter master key:
Do you want to persist master key. If you choose not to persist, you need to 
provide the Master Key while starting the ambari server as an env variable 
named AMBARI_SECURITY_MASTER_KEY or the start will prompt for the master key. 
Persist [y/n] (y)? y
Adjusting ambari-server permissions and ownership...
Ambari Server 'setup-security' completed successfully.


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