Stephan Erb created AURORA-1779:

             Summary: BatchWorker fails with PersistenceException
                 Key: AURORA-1779
             Project: Aurora
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Stephan Erb
            Priority: Blocker

Steps to reproduce (if you are luck):
vagrant destroy
vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant
./build-support/release/verify-release-candidate 0.16.0-rc1

For me, this resulted in the following initial stack trace (and a couple 
different follow ups due to a corrupted DB state):

I0921 19:45:38.730 [TaskEventBatchWorker, JobUpdateControllerImpl:359] 
Forwarding task change for vagrant/test/http_example/0 
I0921 19:45:38.744 [qtp1742582311-39, Slf4jRequestLog:60] - - 
[21/Sep/2016:19:45:38 +0000] "POST //aurora.local/api HTTP/1.1" 200 108  
I0921 19:45:38.771 [TaskEventBatchWorker, JobUpdateControllerImpl:587] 
IJobUpdateKey{job=IJobKey{role=vagrant, environment=test, name=http_example}, 
id=97ff31cc-c17f-45ef-a1d9-c16cb07388c7} evaluation result: 
sideEffects={0=SideEffect{action=Optional.of(ADD_TASK), statusChanges=[]}}} 
I0921 19:45:38.786 [TaskEventBatchWorker, JobUpdateControllerImpl:654] 
Executing side-effects for update of IJobUpdateKey{job=IJobKey{role=vagrant, 
environment=test, name=http_example}, id=97ff31cc-c17f-45ef-a1d9-c16cb07388c7}: 
{0=SideEffect{action=Optional.of(ADD_TASK), statusChanges=[]}} 
I0921 19:45:38.789 [TaskEventBatchWorker, InstanceActionHandler$AddTask:95] 
Adding instance IInstanceKey{jobKey=IJobKey{role=vagrant, environment=test, 
name=http_example}, instanceId=0} while ROLLING_FORWARD 
I0921 19:45:38.805 [TaskEventBatchWorker, StateMachine$Builder:389] 
vagrant-test-http_example-0-100b76ee-ed70-4e15-8e52-046f992d0b4a state machine 
transition INIT -> PENDING 
I0921 19:45:38.806 [TaskEventBatchWorker, TaskStateMachine:474] Adding work 
command SAVE_STATE for 
I0921 19:45:38.808 [ShutdownHook, SchedulerMain:101] Stopping scheduler 
I0921 19:45:38.822 [TimeSeriesRepositoryImpl STOPPING, 
TimeSeriesRepositoryImpl:168] Variable sampler shut down 
I0921 19:45:38.839 [TearDownShutdownRegistry STOPPING, 
ShutdownRegistry$ShutdownRegistryImpl:77] Executing 4 shutdown commands. 
E0921 19:45:38.845 [TaskEventBatchWorker, BatchWorker:217] 
TaskEventBatchWorker: Failed to process batch item. Error: {} 
### Error querying database.  Cause: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Database is 
already closed (to disable automatic closing at VM shutdown, add 
";DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE" to the db URL) [90121-190]
### The error may exist in org/apache/aurora/scheduler/storage/db/TaskMapper.xml
### The error may involve
### The error occurred while executing a query
### SQL: SELECT AS row_id,       t.task_config_row_id AS 
task_config_row_id,       t.task_id AS task_id,       t.instance_id AS 
instance_id,       t.status AS status,       t.failure_count AS failure_count,  
     t.ancestor_task_id AS ancestor_id,       j.role AS c_j_role,       
j.environment AS c_j_environment, AS c_j_name,       h.slave_id AS 
slave_id, AS slave_host, as tp_id, as 
tp_name,       tp.port as tp_port, as te_id,       te.timestamp_ms 
as te_timestamp,       te.status as te_status,       te.message as te_message,  
     te.scheduler_host as te_scheduler     FROM tasks AS t     INNER JOIN 
task_configs as c ON = t.task_config_row_id     INNER JOIN job_keys AS j 
ON = c.job_key_id     LEFT OUTER JOIN task_ports as tp ON tp.task_row_id =     LEFT OUTER JOIN task_events as te ON te.task_row_id =     LEFT 
OUTER JOIN host_attributes AS h ON = t.slave_row_id         WHERE       
t.task_id = ?

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