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+title: "BP-29: Metadata API module"
+issue: https://github.com/apache/bookkeeper/<issue-number>
+state: 'Under Discussion'
+release: "x.y.z"
+### Motivation
+We have already abstracted all the metadata operations into interfaces. And 
all the bookkeeper implementations only reply on metadata interfaces,
+rather than depending on zookeeper. This proposal is to organize the metadata 
interfaces and its implementations in a separate module and make
+bookkeeper implementation only depends on metadata interfaces, not depends on 
zookeeper. This would a few benefits:
+- It allows supporting different metadata storages, without bringing in 
dependencies of metadata store implementation directly into
+  bookkeeper-server module. The development of different metadata storage can 
be done without interleaving with each other.
+- It would define a clean module dependency between bookkeeper implementation 
and metadata api, and how bookkeeper load a different metadata
+  implementation.
+### Public Interfaces
+A more generic setting `metadataServiceUri` is introduced for replacing 
implementation specific settings `zkServers` and `zkLedgersRootPath`.
+A metadata service uri defines the location of a metadata storage. In 
zookeeper based implementation, the metadata service url will be
+This new setting in bookie configuration will be like as below:
+If we eventually support Etcd as one of the metadata storages. Then the 
setting in bookie configuration to use Etcd will be:
+### Proposed Changes
+#### Configuration
+This BP proposes introducing a more generic metadata setting 
`metadataServiceUri` to replace implementation specific settings
+`zkServers` and `zkLedgersRootPath`. All implementation specific settings 
should be considered moving to implementation itself.
+The `metadataServiceUri` can also be used for replacing the need of 
configuring `ledgerManagerFactoryClass`, `registrationClientClass` and
+`registrationManagerClass`. It is unnecessarily complicated to configure 
multiple settings to load a specific metadata implementation.
+We can just use the `scheme` field in `metadataServiceUri` to resolve which 
metadata implementation to use. Using uri to resolve
+different driver or implementation is commonly seen at java world, for 
example, jdbc to support different database drivers. Also, distributedlog
+uses this pattern to load different metadata driver.
+So in zookeeper based metadata implementation, the metadata service uri can be:
+- `zk+flat://`: the scheme is "zk+flat". it means a zookeeper 
base metadata implementation and it uses flat ledger manager.
+- `zk+hierarchical://`: the scheme is "zk+flat". it means a 
zookeeper base metadata implementation and it
 Review comment:
   Nit: It must be zk+hierarchical 

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