ivankelly commented on a change in pull request #1228: Issue #570: Move logic 
of unpersistedbytes to bufferedchannel
URL: https://github.com/apache/bookkeeper/pull/1228#discussion_r172443006

 File path: 
 @@ -110,11 +150,15 @@ public long getFileChannelPosition() {
      * @throws IOException if the write or sync operation fails.
     public void flush(boolean shouldForceWrite) throws IOException {
+        flush(shouldForceWrite, false);
+    }
+    public void flush(boolean shouldForceWrite, boolean forceMetadata) throws 
IOException {
         synchronized (this) {
 Review comment:
   > well, I don't think it is code smell.
   It's code smell. Google "boolean parameter". You'll get a selection of hits 
explaining why they are bad, including a blog post from Martin Fowler and 
another from Robert C Martin who wrote the book on clean code.
   > because the flags define verify clear behavior
   Do they? In 6 months are you going to read flush(false, true) and know 
exactly what the flags are doing?
   > The method follows the java standard:
   A 16 year old API. It can hardly be held up as a gold standard. Still 
though, it's not forceMetadata in itself I'm strongly opposed to. Its adding 
*another* boolean flag, to a method that already has one, that I'm opposed to.
   > if your -1 is about to ask Charan to break the methods into two methods, 
as Charan explained and I pointed out, this breakdown is a "code refactor" 
which will touch all the methods using flush.
   There's no refactor involved here. ```flush(boolean,boolean)``` isn't even 
called, so if it's removed, you will only have update ```flush(boolean)```.

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