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diff --git a/site/_config.yml b/site/_config.yml
index 1300a3f1d..dfdc267e2 100644
--- a/site/_config.yml
+++ b/site/_config.yml
@@ -8,8 +8,9 @@ destination: local-generated
 twitter_url: https://twitter.com/asfbookkeeper
-- "4.6.1"
+- "4.6.2"
 # [next_version_placeholder]
+- "4.6.1"
 - "4.6.0"
 - "4.5.1"
 - "4.5.0"
@@ -27,7 +28,7 @@ archived_versions:
 - "4.1.0"
 - "4.0.0"
 latest_version: "4.7.0-SNAPSHOT"
-latest_release: "4.6.1"
+latest_release: "4.6.2"
 stable_release: "4.5.0"
 distributedlog_version: "0.5.0"
diff --git a/site/docs/4.6.2/overview/releaseNotes.md 
index 96a4f6131..4f7cb7a52 100644
--- a/site/docs/4.6.2/overview/releaseNotes.md
+++ b/site/docs/4.6.2/overview/releaseNotes.md
@@ -2,16 +2,28 @@
 title: Apache BookKeeper 4.6.2 Release Notes
+This is the ninth release of BookKeeper as an Apache Top Level Project!
+The 4.6.2 release is a bugfix release which fixes a bunch of issues reported 
from users of 4.6.1.
+Apache BookKeeper users are encouraged to upgrade to 4.6.2. The technical 
details of this release are summarized
 ## Highlights
+- Fix performance regression is using Netty > 4.1.12, see 
+- Enhance performances on Prometheus stats provider, see 
+- Save memory resources on client by retaining for less time references to 
data to write, see 
+- Fix a problem on Java 9/10 with the 'shaded' artifacts, due to a bug in 
Maven Shade Plugin, see 
+- Fix Journal stats names, see 
 ### Dependencies Upgrade
-There is no dependency upgrade since 4.6.0, but now we distribute a 'shaded' 
version of main artifacts, see [Ledger API](../ledger-api)
+There is no dependency upgrade since 4.6.0, and since 4.6.1 we distribute a 
'shaded' version of main artifacts, see [Ledger API](../ledger-api)
 ## Full list of changes


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