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 title: Apache BookKeeper 4.7.0 Release Notes
-[provide a summary of this release]
+This is the tenth release of Apache BookKeeper!
-Apache BookKeeper users are encouraged to upgrade to 4.7.0. The technical 
details of this release are summarized
+The 4.7.0 release incorporates hundreds of bug fixes, improvements, and 
features since previous major release, 4.6.0,
+which was released four months ago. It is a big milestone in Apache BookKeeper 
community - Yahoo branch is fully merged
+back to upstream, and Apache Pulsar (incubating) starts using official 
BookKeeper release for its upcoming 2.0 release.
+It is also the first release of Apache DistributedLog after it is merged as 
sub modules of Apache BookKeeper.
+Apache BookKeeper/DistributedLog users are encouraged to [upgrade to 
4.7.0](../../admin/upgrade). The technical details of
+this release are summarized below.
 ## Highlights
-[List the highlights]
+The main features in 4.7.0 cover are around following areas:
+- Dependencies Changes
+- Public API
+- Security
+- DbLedgerStorage
+- Metadata API
+- Performance
+- Operations
+- Builds & Testing
+- Bug Fixes
+### Dependencies Changes
+Here is a list of dependencies changed in 4.7.0:
+- [JCommander](http://jcommander.org/) 1.48 is added as a dependency of 
bookkeeper-server module.
+- [RocksDB](http://rocksdb.org/) 5.8.6 is introduced as part of 
`DbLedgerStorage` as a dependency of bookkeeper-server module.
+- [DataSketches](https://datasketches.github.io/) 0.8.3 is introduced as a 
dependency of prometheus-metrics-provider module.
+- Upgrade [Guava](https://github.com/google/guava) from `20.0` to `21.0`.
+### Public API
+There are multiple new client features introduced in 4.7.0. Here are two 
highlighted features:
+#### Fluent API
+The new fluent style APi is evolving in 4.7.0. All the methods in handlers are 
now having both async and sync methods.
+See [#1288](https://github.com/apache/bookkeeper/pull/1288) for more details
+#### CRC32C
+`circe-checksum` module is ported from Apache Pulsar to Apache BookKeeper, and 
CRC32C digest type is added as one digest type option.
+The JNI based CRC32C in `circe-checksum` module provides excellent performance 
than existing CRC32 digest type. Users are encouraged
+to start use CRC32C digest type.
+### Security
+- New PEM format `X.509` certificates are introduced for TLS authentication. 
See [#965](https://github.com/apache/bookkeeper/pull/965) for more details.
+- TLS related settings are converaged into same settings as bookie server. See 
[Upgrade Guide](../../admin/upgrade) for more details.
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