Github user xubo245 commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -216,6 +216,20 @@ class TestPreAggCreateCommand extends QueryTest with 
BeforeAndAfterAll {
       val timeSeries = TIMESERIES.toString
    +  test("remove agg tables from show table command") {
    +    sql("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tbl_1")
    +    sql("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS sparktable")
    +    sql("create table if not exists  tbl_1(imei string,age int,mac string 
,prodate timestamp,update timestamp,gamepoint double,contrid double) stored by 
'carbondata' ")
    +    sql("create table if not exists sparktable(a int,b string)")
    +    sql(
    +      s"""create datamap preagg_sum on table tbl_1 using 'preaggregate' as 
select mac,avg(age) from tbl_1 group by mac"""
    +        .stripMargin)
    +    sql(
    +      "create datamap agg2 on table tbl_1 using 'preaggregate' 
DMPROPERTIES ('timeseries" +
    +      ".eventTime'='prodate', 
'timeseries.hierarchy'='hour=1,day=1,month=1,year=1') as select prodate," +
    --- End diff --
    we don't support create timeseries table like this now : 
'timeseries.eventTime'='prodate', 'timeseries.hierarchy'


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