Github user manishgupta88 commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: 
    @@ -544,6 +546,13 @@ class AlterTableValidationTestCase extends 
Spark2QueryTest with BeforeAndAfterAl
         sql("drop table if exists restructure1")
         sql("drop table if exists restructure")
    +test("test alter command for boolean data type with correct default 
measure value") {
    +  sql("create table testalterwithboolean(id int,name string) stored by 
'carbondata' ")
    +  sql("insert into testalterwithboolean values(1,'anubhav')  ")
    +  sql(
    +    "alter table testalterwithboolean add columns(booleanfield boolean) 
    +  checkAnswer(sql("select * from 
    --- End diff --
    Please add one more test case for boolean type where the default value is 
not provided


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