Alex Buijs created CB-11873:

             Summary: No plugins installed when running a prepare before a 
build in a gulp task.
                 Key: CB-11873
             Project: Apache Cordova
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: CordovaLib
    Affects Versions: 6.3.1
            Reporter: Alex Buijs

I use a gulp task for building, so I work directly with {code}var cordova = 
require('cordova-lib'){}, cb);{code}
Because of [a 
 in cordova-lib/src/cordova/util.js, platforms need to be added before the 
project can be build, otherwise the error "No platforms added to this 
project..." is thrown.

Since I always remove the contents of the platforms and plugins directories 
before building (I target multiple apps from the same codebase), I need to 
prepare the project before I can build, because of this check. This leads to a 
bug similar to CB-11519 and CB-11589, where plugins are never correctly 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the exact reason why platforms/ios/ios.json is 
missing the plugins when running a prepare immediately followed by a build. 
When the tasks are performed manually one after the other, everything works 
fine. I am waiting for the callback of prepare to be called, before the build 
task is started, but perhaps the prepare callback is called too early?

Since the build function in cordova-lib/src/cordova/build.js already prepares 
the project (after calling preProcessOptions in util.js), it seems redundant to 
be forced to prepare the project before building.

When the check I mentioned is not performed, a build with empty platforms and 
plugins directories works just fine: it saves one superfluous prepare task and, 
more importantly, plugins are correctly installed.

My proposal: perhaps this check could be omitted when preProcessOptions is 
called from the build task?

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