Greg Berns created CB-13919:

             Summary: Android WebViews - Docs Missing Steps/Confusing
                 Key: CB-13919
             Project: Apache Cordova
          Issue Type: Bug
    Affects Versions: cordova-android-7.0.0
            Reporter: Greg Berns

I am having some issues walking through this document. I suspect that the 
project has been updated and the docs just haven't kept up. Someone may just 
generally want to review the article and update it.


(I haven't contributed anything before so if I did anything wrong, apologies)



Issue #1 - Step 1 and 2

Doc says:

"Download it from [|]and unzip its 
Android package.

Navigate to the Android package's {{/framework}} directory and run {{ant jar}}. 
It creates the Cordova {{.jar}} file, formed as 

If I download the source from ""; 
 open it (on Mac), terminal into the 'framework' folder, then execute `{{ant 
jar`, the following error occurs:}}



/Users/gb/temp/package/framework/build.xml:42: You need to create the file 
'' by running 'android update project -p .' here.


{{If I add a `` file, and add `}}
sdk.dir=/usr/local/Cellar/android-sdk/24.4.1_1` to it, then the error goes away.
Also, 'android update project -p .'  is not a valid command anymore, so that 
instruction might need to be updated.
Issue #2 - Step 4
"Add the following to the application's {{/res/xml/main.xml}} file, with the 
{{layout_height}}, {{layout_width}} and {{id }}modified to suit the 
I don't see this file in my Cordova project. Its not in `/res/xml/` or 
`/platforms/android/res/xml/`. Is it supposed to be created?
Issue #3 - Step 5
"Modify the activity so that it implements the {{CordovaInterface}}. It should 
implement the included methods. You may wish to copy them from 
{{/framework/src/org/apache/cordova/}}, or else implement 
them on your own. The following code fragment shows a basic application that 
relies on the interface. Note how the referenced view id matches the {{id}} 
attribute specified in the XML fragment shown above:"
This step is a bit confusing.
What Activity should I modify? Is the intention to create a new class and 
inherit from the '' class? Are we talking about the 
'MainActivity' file in my Android project?
I'd assume if Java classes are being modified they need to be put in a place 
where they won't be overwritten if the 'platforms' folder gets overwritten 
(since it seems like thats a new-ish~ thing in Cordova)
Issue #4 - Step 9
"Copy the {{config.xml}} file from {{/framework/res/xml}} to the project's 
{{/res/xml}} directory."
I don't see this folder exist anywhere: '/framework/res/xml'

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