Arthur Mudrick created CB-13943:

             Summary: ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
                 Key: CB-13943
             Project: Apache Cordova
          Issue Type: Bug
         Environment: Android — any

Cordova — 6.5.0
            Reporter: Arthur Mudrick
         Attachments: Screenshot_2018-02-28-15-18-50-964_ru.balumates.balu.png, 

I use Angular with Cordova. Angular uses URL routing, e.g. `/login` for the 
Login page, '/settings' for the Settings page, etc.

When Android application updates (when new application version is installed) 
Cordova is like «reloads» itself or something, but the path in the address bar 
was `/login` or `/users` or `/settings` etc., so, Cordova thinks it is a folder.

Cordova throws an error — see screenshot #1 — there is a path `/www/users` but 
the `/users` is just Angular's routing, not a folder to search for :) 

I also tried to make Angular work with hashbang url strategy, e.g. `/#/login` 
rather than `/login` — it throws another error, see screenshot #2.

So, basically Cordova behaves like a server without the `mod_rewrite` option — 
it tries to find folders inside the `/www` folder.

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