Guillaume Pansier created CXF-7087:

             Summary: Getting the wsdl from a cxf webservice with custom 
XMLOuputFactory throws an exception
                 Key: CXF-7087
             Project: CXF
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Guillaume Pansier

I defined a service endpoint with a custom XmlOutputFactory

<jaxws:endpoint id="myWebService" implementorClass="a.b.c.MyService"
        implementor="#Mybean" address="/myService">
            <entry key="javax.xml..XMLOutputFactory">
                <ref bean="invalidCharacterReplacingXmlOutputFactory"/>

When Using the WSDLGetOutInterceptor, I get the following error;
Can not output XML declaration, after other output has already been done.
The StaxOutputInterceptor sets the flag FORCE_START_DOCUMENT to true when using 
a custom xmlOutputFacory, then writes the prolog. The WSDLGetOutInterceptor 
writes it again and throws the exception.

This was supposed to be fixed with commit 
25f0eb7f955a84baf6c3b634ff316cb831a2acfa, with version 3.3 if I'm 
correct(changed class: WSDLGetOutInterceptor, commit message: Write the prolog 
only if it hasn't already been written). But I think the change is not correct:

-            StaxUtils.writeNode(doc, writer, true);
+            StaxUtils.writeDocument(doc, writer, true,
+                                                                       false));

Knowing that the signature of StaxUtils.writeDocument is:
public static void writeDocument(Document d, XMLStreamWriter writer, boolean 
writeProlog,  boolean repairing)

That means that the boolean reparing depends on the flag FORCE_START_DOCUMENT 
from version 3.3, whereas the boolean writeProlog is always true ! To me, it 
seems like the two parameters have been swapped.

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