Paul Rogers created DRILL-5090:

             Summary: JDBC tests silently ignore failure to set up test storage 
                 Key: DRILL-5090
             Project: Apache Drill
          Issue Type: Bug
    Affects Versions: 1.8.0
            Reporter: Paul Rogers

Run the {{TestJDBCQuery}} test cases using Java 8. The tests will fail with 
error such as:

Current default schema: No default schema selected

The problem is that the tests try to set up a test schema, but fail. The code 
that does this setup just silently ignores the error:

    try {
    } catch(Throwable e) {
      // ... This is unlikely to
      // happen, but just a safeguard to avoid failing user applications.
      logger.warn("Failed to update tmp schema locations. This step is purely 
for testing purpose. " +
          "Shouldn't be seen in production code.");
      // Ignore the error and go with defaults

The reason that the error is ignored is that the JDBC driver _itself_ contains 
test code in the form of the following check:

      if (props != null && 
"true".equalsIgnoreCase(props.getProperty("drillJDBCUnitTests"))) {

That is, the JDBC driver itself contains the code needed to set up the test 
schemas. This means that test code is shipped in production. And, we must 
handle the failure gracefully in case the user set the property in production.

Requested changes:

* Find a way to do test setup without including test code in JDBC.
* If test setup fails, issue a fatal error to direct the developer to the 
actual problem.

And, of course, fix the Java 8 error so that the tests pass. Fixing that error 
is a separate issue. If things were to fail again, we need the above fixes to 
avoid wasting developer's time finding the problem.

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