Github user zentol commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: docs/ops/ ---
    @@ -322,7 +321,6 @@ The following parameters configure Flink's JobManager 
and TaskManagers.
     - `taskmanager.exit-on-fatal-akka-error`: Whether the TaskManager shall be 
terminated in case of a fatal Akka error (quarantining event). (DEFAULT: 
    -- `jobmanager.tdd.offload.minsize`: Maximum size of the 
`TaskDeploymentDescriptor`'s serialized task and job information to still 
transmit them via RPC. Larger blobs may be offloaded to the BLOB server. 
(DEFAULT: **1 KiB**).
    --- End diff --
    double-checked and yes, I couldn't find a reference anywhere.


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